WiZ Connected Bulbs and Luminaires Come to North America

WiZ E26 connected LED bulb

Another company has come out with connected LED bulbs with an app. WiZ Connected Lights has officially brought its connected LED bulbs to North America. These new bulbs are in direct competition with the more established Philips HUE system. Philips Lighting also released a new HUE start-up kits for White, White Tunable, and Color lighting that come with four HUE bulbs, and a HUE Gateway. The new Wiz Connected Lights also compete with Cree connected bulbs and several other companies that now offer tunable white lighting.

WiZ includes a range of smart LED light bulbs, recessed lighting, and luminaires that the company claims instantly create an intelligent lighting system for your home. WiZ says that the new bulbs and luminaires that can connect to without a hub (gateway) to the company’s app will soon be available at Home Depot online, as well as on Amazon, and at a limited number of brick-and-mortar Costco stores.

According to the company, set up for the system only requires that the user screws in the WiZ light bulb or plug in a WiZ luminaire, download WiZ’s app, which is available via Google Play and the Apple App Store. Then, the user goes through a simple “pair and share” procedure with a tap of the screen and three clicks of the light switch. WiZ says the app does all the work, automatically identifies and instantly adds the lights in just about 30 seconds.

Luxeon High Power

The company says its patented technology gives users full control of their home lighting. The LED bulbs and luminares are controllable either through Wi-Fi on the WiZ app, remotely on your mobile network, or with the WiZmote infrared remote control.
Also, the app allows preset scheduling. Additionally, voice commands can control the color changing Wiz bulbs through Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The company says that its integrated WiZclick technology even makes your existing switches smarter giving access to two preferred light modes with one or two clicks.

The WiZ App reportedly lets users set up and control lighting in individual rooms and multiple locations for work, home, or any other place the WiZ lights are deployed.

The system even offers access rights management, so you can let guests have limited access to control the lights locally while connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In this way, the company says changing setting or control lights remotely is not required to grant guests the right to control the lights locally.

Similar to the Philips HUE, the connected lights offer bulbs with 64,000 shades of white and 16 million colors to choose from.

Additional measures allow users to set lighting preferences through the company’s Schedule system. Also, the system can simulate being at home with automatic vacation mode.

60 IFTTT Recipes Available for Controlling WiZ Lights

Another control possibility is using motion detection cameras, sensors, mobile GPS, or even a weather app to control the lights through 60 IFTTT recipes. Users can select from the IFTTT recipes to control the lights. One recipe, for example, can automatically turn on when a Nest camera detects motion or switch to a warmer white lighting mode when the indoor temperature gets cooler.

Preset Functions

The lights come loaded with preset white light functions (cozy, warm, daylight, cool, focus, relax, bedtime) and sophisticated dynamic color modes (fireplace, mojito, forest, ocean, romance, sunset).

Capture the Perfect Moment

With WiZ Moments, users can save a quick snapshot of your favorite lighting hue and then quickly switch back to preferred settings, by simply tapping a picture.

The full range of WiZ smart LED light bulbs, recessed lighting and luminaires will be available online at Home Depot and Amazon in September. Also, special limited-edition introductory bulb twin packs will be available from select Costco stores beginning August 28.

For more about WiZ Connected Light, visit www.wiz.world.