Voluntary Compliance Likely to be the Rule Rather than the Exception

On January 1, 2012, incandescent bulb ban will go into effect. However, due to the spending bill that passed both houses, the efficiency standards and the enforcement of the standards will get no money from the federal government.
I expect that many U.S. lighting manufacturers will voluntarily abide by the standards to follow the law, despite it not being enforced. The company’s have already committed to the standards and will probably be able to exert pressure on the companies who don’t.

The lighting companies have already switched much of their emphasis from incandecent to LEDs and CFLs. Stores will likely choose to follow the law, but there will likely be some holdouts who continue to purchase and sell incandescent bulbs beyond their existing stock for some time. Consumers who do not know about the new standards and those who like the incandescent bulbs over the alternatives may be the last to switch

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