Vodafone and Current by GE Test Energy Efficiency and Productivity Enhancement in Smart Office Pilot Project

Vodafone’s London headquarters already has LED lighting. The headquarter office is now piloting a new multi-sensor network that Current by GE developed to improve office space utilization and the employee experience. The IoT system is controlled via a unique data visualization software, which shows occupancy rates and aggregates the building management information. Also, Vodafone IoT technology directly connects the GE’s multi-sensor network to the cloud. The Smart Space team at BuroHappold, experts in real-time data visualization, human behavior analytics, and people movement, worked with Vodafone and Current to devise the data visualization solution that achieved these outcomes.

The EG Tech Awards, which celebrate digital transformations in real estate technology, recently recognized the project for excellence in Property Productivity category, highlighting the potential for both energy efficiency and digital productivity enhancement in next-generation office buildings.

Visualization Software Transforms Raw Data

The visualization software transforms raw data into actionable information intended to help Vodafone’s London office workers speed up everyday tasks in the pilot project area such as finding available conference rooms, break-out space, VC pods, and desks. The project was recognized for its unprecedented ability to aggregate data from both environmental and occupancy sensors, and use cloud-based analytics to improve the building’s energy efficiency while also helping to maximize space utilization and boost employee productivity.

Luxeon High Power
Vodafone created an IoT-based smart office pilot project that features an award-winning data visualization tool.

Vodafone devised an IoT-based smart office pilot project that features an award-winning data visualization tool (shown above).

“This award is fantastic recognition of the way Vodafone is building on its world-leading IoT position in new and exciting ways that has the potential to transform workplaces, ways of working, employee well-being and productivity. For the property industry professionals on the panel to be able to look beyond their own sector to us as digital disruptors rightly acknowledges our rapidly changing world, the opportunities interconnectivity and new technology present us with and truly validates the work we’ve been doing with Current by GE,” said Vodafone’s Group Property Strategy Manager Richard Muraszko.

In 2017, Vodafone commissioned The Power of Productivity report with the London School of Economics. The report, drawn from interviews with 20,000 business leaders across 35 countries, found business productivity could be improved by up to 20 percent with a combination of technology adoption and management best practices. This finding lead the company to test out how such a system might work and what it would look like.

“We are at an exciting moment in the development of digital office technology,” said Chatwin. “Companies like Vodafone are on the forefront of exploring how our physical environments can help us be more effective at work.”

Vodafone is now also evaluating opportunities to add digital capabilities to its flagship London location, including augmenting the system with Current’s Daintree wireless controls. Also, Current’s open platform supports collaboration with app developers. The third-party app developers include partners such as BuroHappold, iOffice, and 720 o, who can help Vodafone perform additional tasks like:

  • Measuring CO2 and humidity, and adjusting HVAC settings accordingly to improve comfort and well-being, and enhance productivity.
  • Monitoring noise levels, so an employee can find appropriate areas to work
  • Identifying needs for management of facilities operations and maintenance.

“The commercial real estate industry understands the significant energy efficiency benefits gained through LED retrofits, but Vodafone is showing that energy is only the beginning of the intelligent environment value story,” said Julian Chatwin, European director of enterprise software for Current by GE. “Digital productivity will be a game changer as more companies look to create the workplace of the future.”

“Our collaboration with Current by GE and Vodafone is enabling deep insights into how people use and interact with buildings. This puts people right at the heart of decision making, saving costs and improving health, wellbeing, and productivity,” said Shrikant Sharma, group director and head of Smart Space at BuroHappold.