USAI Lighting Launches Scene Selection Platform

At LightFair, USAI Lighting unveiled ColorID_Complete, a curated selection of lighting scenes. Each scene identifies with a person’s changing lighting needs. The company developed over 170 color formulas in conjunction with a leading research institution. USAI designed the color formulas to support lifestyle, health, work, and recreation.

USAI Lighting -- ColorID_Complete lighting scene selection platform

USAI Lighting — ColorID_Complete lighting scene selection platform

The ColorID_Complete platform works with the company’s Color+ and Color Select personalized lighting technologies to serve up light recipes for various scenarios including work, play, sleep, and collaboration, among many others.

End-users can now easily select their preferred lighting scenes, like their choice of the energy dose of a morning coffee, the focus scene in an examination room, and the romance of a dinner date. The user can also choose 15 lighting scenes to preprogram into the wall controller.

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USAI says its ColorID_Complete is also available for simple integration into common architectural control systems.

White Light Alchemy Creates Light Recipe Based on User Responses

The ColorID_Complete builds on USAI Lighting’s Personalized Lighting® platform. The lighting scene selection platform also offers White Light Alchemy™, the company’s customized white light recipe which it bases on users’ responses to qualitative and quantitative questions. White Light Alchemy helps explore users’ lifestyle and taste preferences.

According to USAI Lighting, with White Light Alchemy and ColorID_Complete, architects, designers, and end-users can choose from sophisticated and finely tuned lighting options for their always changing chromatic needs.

“Previously, users had to go through tedious and time-consuming manuals with multiple controls to understand and have full control over their lighting technologies,” noted John Newman, Principal at Loop Lighting. “But with ColorID_Complete, designers and architects can enjoy high- quality lighting while also unlocking the full benefits of personalized color—transforming static light to something more dynamic that changes with the lives of those who use it. Light can now differentiate and define the individuality of every space and its owner.”