University of Lucerne Benefits From Tridonic Tunable White Lighting

The studio building for the interior design students at the University of Lucerne is benefiting from Tridonic’s LED lighting.

The building of the University of Lucerne’s School of Engineering & Architecture was equipped with Tridonic’s LLE PRE KIT tunable white systems using the connecDIM lighting control system. The tunable white system enables the adjustment of the color temperatures and illuminance levels with an app.

Tridonic's LED modules illuminate building interior of University of Lucerne's School of Architecture & Engineering

Luxeon High Power

With the aid of the LLE 24 x 280 mm PRE KIT tunable white systems from Tridonic, the light color and luminous flux of the pendant luminaires under the wooden ceiling can be smoothly changed at any time or they users can program them to change gradually and automatically throughout the day in a sequence that can be activated at the touch of a button on a smartphone app.

German lighting firm MOOS Licht Ag produced the LED luminaires using the Tridonic modules that the University installed.

The color temperature is adjustable to between 3,000 and 6,000 K at constant luminous flux. Tridonic precalibrated the kits at the factory to ensure high-quality light and color consistency. Each tunable white kit comes with an LED driver (DALI Device Type 8) and four or five tunable white LED modules.

The system employs Tridonic’s LLE Premium light engine, a DALI Interface RS232 PS/S, DALI XC, and a connecDIM Gateway G1.

The aspiring interior designers at the University of Lucerne learn about the interaction of color, texture and different light spectrums in a practical environment. They also study the effects of human-centric lighting. One central focus of this study is the use of dynamic light spectrums and illuminance levels to enhance the well-being of the users of the studio.