Universal Lighting Ballast-Bypass LED Tubes Eliminate Lamp Holder Replacement Need

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., a company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has introduced AC direct (Ballast-Bypass) Type B Direct LED Tubes. Panasonic Group Subsidiary, Panasonic Lighting Americas operates the company along with and lighting control firm Douglas Lighting Controls.

Universal Lighting Technologies-- AC Direct (ballast-bypass) T8 LED tube

Universal Lighting Technologies– AC Direct (ballast-bypass) T8 LED tube

The new AC direct LED tubes feature a dual-ended power connection. Conventional ballast-bypass LED tube lamps get power from one lamp holder and usually require the lamp holder replacement with non-shunted lamp holders. However, Universal Lighting says that its new AC Direct LED tubes eliminate the need to replace lamp holders during installation.

Unique Connection Configuration for Ballast-Bypass LED Tubes

Universal Lighting developed a dual-ended connection configuration that the company says simply connects all lamp holders on one end of the fixture to the “hot” lead and the holders on the other end of the fixture to the “neutral” lead. According to Universal Lighting, this connection allows the use of either shunted or non-shunted lamp holders and does not require removing or rewiring of socket bars.

Luxeon High Power

The new standard series of Direct Wire LED tubes come with outputs of 2200 and 1800 lumens and input powers of 17W and 14W respectively. The Premium series reduces these input power levels to 15W and 12W for efficacies of up to 150 lumens per Watt (LPW)

“Today, we are seeing more demand for direct replacement solutions that convert existing fluorescent to LED,” said Greg Bennorth, director of product management for Universal. “Whether the application is simple or sophisticated, the new AC Direct T8 Tubes makes the switch to LED even easier and faster for installers, who can use existing shunted or non-shunted lamp holders while bypassing the ballast.”