Ulm Minster Gets LED Lighting

Ulm Minster, a Lutheran church in Ulm Germany that is one of the tallest churches in the world at 530 ft. has gotten new LED lighting. The Evangelical Parrish of ULM contracted the planning office Bamberger to develop a new lighting solution for the church that lets the architecture stand out while the lights remain discreetly in the background. The newly designed lighting solution created a precise and attractive effect that employs LED drivers from Tridonic.

Tridonic drivers power LED lighting at Ulm Minster

Tridonic drivers power LED lighting at Ulm Minster

Pendant LED luminaires were installed in the pointed arches between the nave and the aisle. Each luminaire consists of a vertical tube that can hold either 20 or 24 small LED lighting heads. Each lighting head is individually aligned according to its corresponding area to illuminate. Furthermore, each lighting head features the necessary optics for the lighting task.

Separation of LED Source and Driver Lets Ulm Minster Lighting Remain Discreet

The spatial separation of the LED light source and the LED drivers allowed the extremely slim design of the luminaires which lets the lights for Ulm Minster be unobtrusive. The PREMIUM series of drivers from Tridonic provide the With their adjustable output currents, the amplitude dimming process and the integrated DALI interface. Some 360 dimmable, constant current drivers provide all the required functionality to control and power about 500 lighting heads illuminating the inside of the church.

Luxeon High Power

The project planners positioned the LED Drivers at a distance from the luminaires in collective housing under the roof of an aisle. Even with long line lengths, it is the amplitude dimming process that allows the LED Driver and light source to meet all specifications related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Tridonic verified this fact with measurements at its own laboratory. The company offers such tests to confirm whether the technology operates safely and complies with regulations including operating under exceptional conditions. Tridonic offers these tests as a service as part of its design-in process.