Tridonic to Present First IoT-Ready Driver

Austrian firm Tridonic announced the first LED driver compliant with the IoT-Ready™ standard.
The driver is also 2% energy metering accuracy compliant with the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC®) Guidelines.

The company collaborated with Enlighted, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, to create the driver based on draft specifications that the IoT-Ready Alliance™ developed. The result of the collaboration is the first commercially-available IoT-Ready Profile 1 compliant driver. The IoT-Ready standard is reportedly protocol, device, and sensor independent. Therefore, the new IoT-Ready driver will work with any smart sensor and protocol, including ZigBee, THREAD, Bluetooth, etc., to enable a variety of IoT and smart lighting applications.

Tridonic will present and demonstrate the first IoT-Ready driver at Lightfair International in Chicago from May 8-10, 2018, in booth #233 (IoT Pavilion). In the driver demonstration, the driver will interact with several systems including Enlighted’s IoT Solution for smart buildings, QDIS Surveillance System, Tridonic’s BasicDIM Wireless System, and Tridonic’s net4more IP-based Lighting Platform.

Luxeon High Power

Enlighted will demonstrate other IoT-Ready products at its booth #412 (Intelligent Lighting Pavilion).


Enlighted CEO Joe Costello said, “Building on this first product introduction, we will be evolving our existing sensors to the IoT-Ready standard. This announcement represents the first of many significant contributions from the IoT-Ready Alliance that will enable new technologies and speed the adoption of LED lighting and building control networks in the U.S.”

Karl Jónsson, chief commercial officer at Tridonic Inc. said, “With the IoT-Ready driver, we can be fully agnostic since you can use the driver with any protocol and any system that you want. We have shown integration with Tridonic’s net4more platform and other systems from Tridonic and partners. For Tridonic, as an IoT solutions provider and new player in the U.S., it allows us to bring real differentiating value to the industry. Especially in the U.S., as no other standard allows bridging directly from the U.S. dominating 0-10v interface to smart IoT solutions at manufacturing time or in the field.”

In Addition to IoT-Ready Driver, Enlighted to Add Other IoT-Ready Products

Jónsson added, “We look forward to collaborating with Enlighted and other IoT-Ready members to create additional products based on the IoT-Ready standard for the U.S. marketplace. We also encourage other manufacturers to join us in the IoT-Ready Alliance to get access to specifications and contribute to future profiles and revisions.”

Last year, to address the U.S. lighting and IoT markets, Tridonic together with Enlighted co-founded the IoT-Ready Alliance. The IoT-Ready Alliance is an industry standards organization intended to help make it easier for all LED luminaires and fixtures and the buildings in which they are installed to be made “smart’ by merely plugging-in compatible IoT sensors. Enlighted and Tridonic are collaborating with industry-leading organizations to establish the IoT-Ready standard.

Additionally, Tridonic has been working to further enhance the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol for the European marketplace. and Tridonic actively participates in the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DIIA), an open, global consortium of lighting companies that wants to grow the market for lighting-control solutions using DALI technology.