Tridonic Launches LED Modules for Industrial Luminaires

Tridonic of Dornbirn, Austria has introduced a line of LED modules for industrial lighting luminaires. The new LED modules from Tridonic can provide light for downlights in multi-storey car parks, warehouses, and factories. Such lighting applications require high lumen values and robust luminaires.

Tridonic says that these new modules meet the needs of industrial luminaires of being bright, energy efficient and durable. The new modules QLE G1 ADV IND and CLE G1 ADV IND offer the right LED light sources for diffused industrial lighting. Each module can provide up to 26,000 lumens, and they come in color temperatures of 4,000, 5,000 and 6,500 K.

Tridonic CLE 150 module

Tridonic CLE 150 module

Tridonic says that the modules make it easier to develop and manufacture LED high-bay luminaires for industrial applications. Industrial lighting often has to overcome long operating times and harsh environments, and maintenance of such lights is often associated with significant effort and high costs. Furthermore, luminaires are often difficult to access, and the industrial facilities do not want to disrupt production and have machinery that stands idle. Tridonic states that the new modules can be used in downlights for cold rooms, multi-storey car parks, warehouses, and production facilities.

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Tridonic QLE 150 LED module

Tridonic QLE 150 LED module

The long life reduces the maintenance requirements, and the high output can reduce the number of luminaires needed. Tridonic also says that using the modules results in LED solutions with extended temperature ranges, low standby losses, increased dielectric strength, and high efficiency.

Furthermore, the company points out that the round CLE modules provide uniform illumination that is suitable for wall lights, for example, while the rectangular QLE modules are ideal for ceiling luminaires.

Tridonic developed the QLE modules, which have a luminous flux of up to 26,000 lm, for luminaires installed at ceiling heights of up to 16 meters. The firm based the modules on standard boards, and luminaire manufacturers can, therefore, do not need to develop new optics.

Efficiencies of up to 153 lumens per watt (LPW) at 85 °C. The LEDs for the modules are binned in a 3-step MacAdam ellipse. Tridonic covers the modules with an 8-year guarantee. They have a projected life of 100,000 hours.

Tridonic points out that it also offers drivers that help reduce stress on the modules (thermal load/peak voltage), so they can achieve long service lives. Tridonic says that the LCI 100W–1050mA OTD EC driver with overtemperature protection and overvoltage protection of up to 6 kV (between L/N and earth), can work with the CLE ADV IND module, for example.