Tridonic Launches DALI-Compliant Control System for Multiple Light Sources with Centrally Located AC/DC Converter

Tridonic has launched the connecDIM, a light management system solution for commerce and industry. The system, which comprises the connecDIM Gateway and connecDIM Cloud, combines decentralized light monitoring and control options with what the company describes as a user-friendly and cost-efficient design. The light monitoring and control options reportedly enable monitoring and control from anywhere in the world.

Another component of the system is the company’s new TALEXXdriver PREMIUM range. The company boasts that  TALEXXdriver PREMIUM range is more compact and efficient than previous models and offers more functions. Uniquely, the new driver provides a digital ready2mains interface, which can enable existing power cable to serve as a data transfer method for DALI-enabled light modules.

The system’s third component that powers luminaires is called the TALEXXengine DC String. The TALEXXengine DC String separates the space consuming AC/DC converter and the conventional DC/DC LED driver.  The AC/DC converter is installed in a high-ranking central location and can serve multiple DALI-compliant light sources. Each light source appears separately as a stand-alone address.

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According to Tridonic, the central AC/DC converter system gives lighting designers and architects more flexibility in luminaire placement within a room to meet particular demands. Installers benefit from easy and reduced cost installation, with reduced maintenance as well, the company noted.

The company asserts that with the new system, upgrading existing lighting systems is equally simple. For example, upgrading a non-dimmable lighting system to a dimmable lighting solution requires only replacing the existing light sources with light sources with a DC/DC module, and connecting to a higher-ranking central AC/DC converter, as well as DALI and emergency lighting components, if required.