Tridonic and EON Reality to Demo Augmented Reality Lighting and IoT Interface

Tridonic of Dornbirn, Austria, a supplier of integral lighting solutions and EON Reality Inc., a virtual reality company, have partnered. Together the companies have developed an Augmented Reality control and provisioning interface for Tridonic’s IoT-enabled industrial lighting solution, net4more. Tridonic will demonstrate the augmented reality application at CeBIT as part of its keynote “Lighting as the backbone for the Internet of Things.”

User demonstrates Tridonic Augmented Reality IoT app for control and commissioning LED lights

User demonstrates Tridonic Augmented Reality IoT app for control and commissioning LED lights

Augmented reality uses a camera and pattern recognition algorithms to add computer created graphics to actual images as a user looks at the camera display. Tridonic says that using Augmented Reality (AR), makes controlling and provisioning banks of LED lights substantially easier. The augmented reality system can identify and control the light visually through the recently created Augmented Reality application which interfaces with the device over a mesh network.

Users From Around the World Can Control the Lights and View IoT Data

The application allows users locally or from around the world to view device performance or control the light itself. The application employs the net4more protocol that builds on IPv6 protocols for easy communication with third-party services and devices, in this case, EON Reality’s AVR platform.

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“Lighting will play a decisive role in the Internet of Things as it is everywhere, digital, and connected. It thus forms the ideal backbone for the IoT through which all the other devices can be connected. With our system net4more we will not only be able to connect luminaires, but offer value that goes beyond lighting,” explained Mathias Burger, director product management controls, Tridonic. “Together with EON Reality, we are now exploring how lighting, IoT, and Augmented Reality can be combined to enable further services and make e.g. lighting control or maintenance easier for the user.”

EON Reality’s AVR platform interfaces with IoT data from the net4more solution for both provisioning and control of the banks of LED lights. According to Tridonic and EON Reality, the AVR Platform was purpose built to display real-time contextual data from the local environment. Tridonic says its Augmented Reality application can empower individuals without programming experience to construct an illuminated world with IoT data.

“We strongly believe that Augmented Reality will be the go-to interface for the Internet of Things,” said Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality. “AR allows humans to experience data visually and effectively bridges the man/machine divide. By moving data from computer screens to in the field of view, we are increasing efficiency and productivity for workers in a whole host of industries.”