Traxon Introduces Next Generation Cove Light

Traxon Technologies -- AC DIM GII Cove Light

Traxon Technologies, an Osram brand, announced the launch of its next generation Cove Light AC DIM GII solution. Traxon created this indoor fixture to provide indirect lighting for dynamic retail and hospitality environments. Traxon’s Cove Light AC DIM GII come in both low- and high-output versions and feature a variety of color temperatures.

According to Traxon, this full range of Cove Light luminaires offers high efficacies, superior color consistency, and smooth, flicker-free dimming. The compact and slim profile luminaire also has universal line voltage input.

The AC DIM GII comes in one-foot and four-foot lengths with correlated color temperatures including 2700K warm white, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K neutral white. While consuming just 4.7 Watts, the AC DIM GII delivers an output of between 452-509 lumens per foot for an efficacy of between 95 lumens per watt (LPW) for the 2700K model to 115 LPW for the 4000K version. The luminaire has a 120-degree beam angle and is dimmable down to 5 percent.

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“We are pleased to offer the next generation of energy-efficient cove light solutions to the specification community,” said Dwight Kitchen, General Manager, Traxon North America for Osram Lighting Solutions. “Our complete line of cove lighting solutions provides retail and hospitality clients with a wide range of options and design flexibility to create unique, dynamic lighting experiences and environments.”

Traxon Technologies says that hundreds of distinct installations around the world use the company’s existing Cove Light products.

For example, at BASF’s business headquarters in Florham Park, New Jersey, USA, Traxon Cove Lights produce a static white illumination. The Cove Light design complements the building’s contemporary architecture.

Traxon Technologies Cove Lights at BASF headquarters ©Gensler_lo

Traxon Technologies Cove Lights at BASF headquarters ©Gensler_lo

In contrast, the whimsical retail environment of Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City features vibrant elements and employs individually addressable Traxon Cove Lights. The lights are powered with Traxon’s e:cue control and automation technology that can deliver a dynamic, color-changing light show programmed for seasonal themes and color schemes.

Traxon Technologies Cove Lights at Dylan's Union Square

Traxon Technologies Cove Lights at Dylan’s Candy Bar–Union Square

Traxon says that the next generation of its Cove Light products will offer even more options for enhanced design flexibility.