Thorn Launches IQ Wave; Stresses Task Lighting Comfort

Thorn Lighting has launched its version of smart office lighting called IQ Wave. Like other recently released office lighting systems from the LED lighting industry, IQ Wave enables light settings for particular tasks. Other recently released smart office systems touted IoT integration and a software backends that can help users with intelligently generated suggestions.  However, the capabilities of Thorn Lighting’s IQ Wave apparently center around settings for comfort during various tasks and activities.

Group of young business people working in setting with daylight harvesting.

Group of young business people working in setting with daylight harvesting

The company points out that European standards stipulate between 300 and 500 lux depending on the activity, and that an effective office lighting solution needs to support employees in all their different daily activities and ways of working. Ways of working may now include traditional individual work at a desk, use of mobile devices, teams working together, and online meetings.

According to the company, the proper lighting solution needs settings that can fit for all these methods of working and activities of a modern office. While other office lighting launches have focused on learning about energy and lighting usage, Thorn’s press release at least focuses on lighting for comfort and specific types of tasks and spaces.

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Thorn Notes Interpersonal Communication Integral to Office Work

Thorn points out that communication is an integral part of office work. Part of the that communication either in person or through Internet camera phones relies on gestures facial expressions. Thorn contends that to ensure that in order for individuals to clearly see the facial expressions and gestures of conversation partners they need cylindrical illuminance of 150 lux at head height, strong modeling characteristics, and good color rendition(for faces especially).

According to Thorn, the company’s patented MV-Tech optic creates a uniform, pixel-free light without direct visibility of the individual LED points. A unique reflector distributes the mixture of direct and indirect light that also helps ensure ideal lighting for the various tasks, the general space, and the different forms of personal communication between colleagues.

Along with the emphasis on comfort and task-related settings, the company also addressed the system’s control options and related sensing capabilities. The integrated control system includes daylight, presence and absence detectors with PIR and microwave sensors, along with a wireless radio sensor. Together these sensors support further energy savings.

Thomas Andres, Thorn’s global product manager, stated, “Employers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of people’s wellbeing in office spaces, and the influence that light has on this. With IQ Wave, businesses can have it all: energy savings, high performance, and above all, a lighting scheme that provides comfort, keeping workers productive.”