Terralux Embraces IoT Beyond Lighting

Terralux has expanded its LEDSENCE technology which already offers connected lighting with an analysis backend. The expanded LEDSENSE technologies now include retrofit HVAC control, an intelligence gateway, building automation system connection and utility connection with automated demand response. Terralux integrated these expanded capabilities into its new LEDSENSE Retrofit Control Package and Retrofit Intelligence Package.

“We have been developing and deploying this technology for quite some time now,” stated, Mathew Sallee, Terralux director of strategic marketing.

Companies in the LED lighting and IoT space tend to partner together and share the profits or pay technology licensing fees to add the capabilities of connectivity with sensors and data analytics. However, Terralux owns all of the hardware and software of the entire system, so it doesn’t have to share the profits or pay licensing fees.

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Terralux Retrofit Control Package Diagram

Terralux Retrofit Control Package diagram

The company is targeting commercial and offices buildings. In addition to looking for clients that want to upgrade their lighting, Terralux is seeking companies that want the additional savings potential of building automation and HVAC control added to their existing office and commercial buildings.

The system can go beyond linking just daylight and occupancy sensors to include sensor data about temperature. Other sensors are available for humidity, and aspects of air quality such as carbon dioxide carbon monoxide, and particulate matter.

Why would a company need to worry about CO2 levels and organic particulates other than enhancing environmental comfort? It may reduce productivity, Mathew noted. Mathew cited a Harvard study that found that higher CO2 levels and higher levels of organic particulates very significantly reduced people’s scores on cognitive tests, specifically those that examine strategic thinking.

The goal of the Terralux system is to provide the most productive and comfortable office environment possible while helping a company save money. The system transmits the data via WiFi to a gateway and then the gateway links to an analytical backend that combines and examines all the data.

“Now that we have the basic platform together of advanced lighting controls, HVAC, and building automation systems, we are expanding into the Internet of Things,” Mathew continued.

The Terralux system uses more of a star network configuration instead of mesh network so that it does not have the limitations on the number of connected devices such as lighting and sensors.

Terralux works with clients to retrofit the client’s building with the desired lighting and the requested capabilities for building automation and HVAC control. Retrofit installations do not have access to power lines and Internet cables that installations in a new building would. Each installation and retrofit is different. However, Mathew says the LEDSENSE system with Retrofit Control Package and Retrofit Intelligence Package makes installation of LED lighting along with office automation and HVAC control straightforward, and he says that the system self-configures the software. Networking must be wireless.

“We build it to be very modular and customizable on the building level,” stated Mathew.

According to Mathew, a few of their LEDSENSE clients have had a positive return on their investment in under five years.

The future seems bright for both its lighting and IoT market, and Terralux is beginning to see that in its retrofit business.

Mathew stated, “Our retrofit business has grown over 200 percent in the past year.”