Terralux Changes Name to Sielo and Further Expands IoT-Connected Lighting Software

Terralux of Longmont, Colorado USA, has decided to focus on connected lighting and smart buildings. As part of this increased commitment to connected lighting and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the company has taken the new name Sielo. The word “terra” the first portion of the companies original name in Latin refers to the planet Earth. However, the new name, “Sielo” derives from the Spanish word for the sky ‘Cielo’, pronounced the same way. This is a uniquely appropriate name for the company which now focuses on delivering “cloud-based” lighting and IoT services.

As solidstatelightingdesign.com previously reported (Ref: Coverage), Terralux, which from now on will be called Sielo, is one of the few companies to own all the hardware, software, and sensor technology for controlling, monitoring, and analysis of sensor data in their proprietary platform (other than the standard protocols the system uses). The company calls this IoT intelligence platform LEDSense. While perhaps not the only company to own all their own IoT technology, it is likely the only one in the small- to mid-sized range to do so.

Sielo (previously Terralux) Retrofit Control Package Diagram

Sielo (previously Terralux) Retrofit Control Package LEDSENSE diagram

The technology reportedly works as a star network instead of a mesh network that many such platforms use. According to Sielo, this takes away the limitations that a mesh network places on the number of connected devices and lighting sensors.

Luxeon High Power

The company says its new Radio Reveal Android application simplifies and speeds field commissioning. The company also expanded the smart thermostat capabilities of its LEDSENSE system for both small and large commercial deployments.

The enhanced IoT lighting platform the use of role-based user groups and access levels for end users and CLPs. The improved software includes improvements to the user interface throughout, including new energy savings dashboard. The company also added the capability of working with multiple 3rd party EnOcean devices, including wireless sensors, switches and energy monitors.

Sielo noted in a press release, that it is a “brand that represents cloud-based, connected building solutions at the nexus of power, light, and data.”  Sielo also indicated that the company wouldaccelerate the deployment of the company’s LEDSENSE® IoT intelligence platform while also continuing to advance LED lighting offerings for Retrofit and OEM markets.

“The needs of commercial buildings are evolving, and require technology that combines efficiency, productivity, and well-being,” said Sielo CEO Steve Hane. Sielo’s connected building solution, LEDSENSE®, leverages existing infrastructure in a straightforward strategy to create more intelligent, efficient, and effective building management. Our goal is to help our customers find a practical route to making the commercial IoT work for them – a very real and valuable goal for our innovative technology platform.”

The company revealed that its products and solutions have already been implemented in green building projects around the country including retail, multifamily, municipal, and medical facilities as well as university campuses and office buildings.

Matthew Sallee, Director of Strategic Marketing at Sielo stated, “Our brand is uninterrupted connectivity between spaces and people, just as our LEDSENSE® platform delivers intelligent sustainability to our clients through the cloud.”

Sielo unveiled its new brand experience, LEDSENSE® Software and offered a Radio Reveal at LIGHTFair 2017 prior to its summer 2017 full release.