Swiss Helicopter Gets Lighting as a Service from ZGS

With 14 locations, Swiss Helicopter AG serves as Switzerland’s leading helicopter company. As well as offering conventional transport and passenger flights, Swiss Helicopter also provides flights for sightseeing, giving customers the opportunity to experience the Swiss alpine landscape from above.

Instead of purchasing a lighting solution for its lighting refurbishment, Swiss Helicopter has chosen to implement light as a service. As part of its no-hassle, full-service package German firm Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) intends to optimize the lighting. According to ZGS, this arrangement will ensure the lighting is always in line with the state-of-the-art. Also, a fixed monthly rate eliminates the standard initial investment for such an installation.

Swiss Helicopter leases lighting and gets maintenance and monitoring as part of contract with ZGS

Swiss Helicopter leases lighting and gets maintenance and monitoring as part of the contract with ZGS.

The Bern-Belp site decided to modernize its hanger lighting. Swiss Helicopter wants the new lighting solution to help take some of the strain out of the challenging work employees perform on the helicopters, and give employees improved visibility for their precise work.

Luxeon High Power

Swiss Helicopter AG opted for the NOW light contracting service that ZGS offers to make the lighting upgrade as straightforward as possible. Under the terms of a flexible service contract, ZGS will fully cater to Swiss Helicopter’s lighting requirements for a fixed monthly rate. Swiss Helicopter will essentially lease the lighting and get free maintenance and monitoring from ZGS during the length of the contract. Therefore, the helicopter company can continue to benefit from the latest lighting technology, including all installation and maintenance of the lighting for the duration of the contract.

Optimizing the Lighting at Swiss Helicopter Hangar

The goal of the upgrade was to provide more light in the hanger and to distribute the light so the employees can best carry out the work on the helicopters. The nearly 650 square-meter building features 6.75-meter-high ceilings that posed a challenge for the light installation. ZGS also had to take into account the ceiling-mounted crane track that lifts and moves the heavier machine parts around the hanger.

First, ZGS carried out a lighting assessment to determine where new lighting should be installed. The optimized solution enables higher illuminance and consumes less power than the previous light. The new lights consumer 3192 kW total and produce about 550 lux compared to the previous lighting that consumed 6887 kW and delivered just 280 lux. The new lighting solution employs Zumtobel’s TECTON C industrial luminaire and a light control unit for more straightforward operation.

“We opted for the NOW concept from Zumtobel Group Services because this not only gives us modern and improved lighting in our hangar but also the long-term support of an expert partner. A partner that will take care of the upgrade in its entirety and guarantee us ideal lighting conditions in the years to come,” said Markus Epp, head of the base in Belp, who decided to go with ZGS.

As part of the on-going contract, ZGS has taken on all tasks relating to the upgrade and will act as general contractor. Also, through regular inspections, ZGS will monitor the lighting to ensure it continues to operate in line with the agreed service during the contract period of 36 months.

Due to the exchange of the inefficient, old light sources, with New LED-based lighting Zumtobel Group Services calculated that the customer could also obtain incentives amounting to CHF 3000 for the Optimo Plus 2015 programme as part of the “ProKilowatt” incentive initiative run by the Swiss federal government.