SunTrust Park Concourse Gets Luminis LED Lighting

SunTrust Park serves as the new home of Major League Baseball franchise, the Atlanta Braves. The stadium, with a capacity of more than 41,000 had a soft opening on March 31, 2017, when it hosted a preseason game before the first regular season game on April 14.

The stadium, which was constructed as a public/private partnership with a project budget above $620 million, features all the design components and technology of modern sports venues including the concourse lighting. The main SunTrust Park concourse features a range of food and beverage retail units.  Before, during, and after the game, these areas are often full of people wandering to and from their seats to visit the restroom or purchase refreshments.

SunTrust Park stadium concourse

SunTrust Park concourse

illume, ME Engineers’ architectural lighting design division was tasked with lighting the space.

Luxeon High Power

“The intent for the concourse lighting was for it to be clean and evenly lit,” explained Ryan Linton, Lighting Project Manager at illume.

illume had to choose the right products and configure them to fit design needs of lighting the concourse. The lighting design firm used one hundred Aramis AR150 cylinders from Luminis for the job.

The lighting installation had to work with a sloping ceiling reaching up to about 27 ft at its highest, and it needed to work around obstacles including large fans. In addition to working with varied mounting heights and fixture configurations, the designers had to pick the proper optics options to achieve the wanted uniform lighting.

The team at illume arranged the cylinders in a square formation with four fixtures per bay at 21 ft on center. All of the fixtures were positioned on the ceiling, 20 ft from the floor, and spaced to ensure even lighting distribution along the floor. The fixtures also provide some vertical illumination of the concessions stands.

In addition to the lighting of the main concourse area, on the upper concourse, the illume team employed lower wattage versions of the Aramis AR150 fixture. About fifty of these lower wattage models were installed, two per bay, behind the seating areas.

Aramis AR150 cylinders, high-power pendants with an LED light source, deliver more than 13,500 lumens from each 6” diameter cylinder. Luminis says that despite the concourse’s height, the Aramis AR150 cylinders are powerful enough to provide even light distribution. The Aramis AR150 also features a 45° swivel to ease installation on sloped ceilings such as the one at SunTrust Park.

Luminis notes that the long lifetime of 86,000 hours is advantageous in terms of maintenance costs. In addition to performance, the clean cylindrical shape of the Aramis AR150 products meets the modern aesthetic the designers wanted.