Sunovia’s LED Fixtures Light Sarasota’s Ringling Bridge

The City of Sarasota, Florida chose to upgrade its traditional outdoor lighting to innovative LED fixtures, which save energy and increase illumination. The new Ringling Bridge Project, unveiled this month, reflects the growing national trend to utilize technology that is both economically and environmentally responsible. Sunovia Technologies partnered with Siemens and the City of Sarasota under a performance contract to convert all cobra head roadway fixtures over the Ringling Bridge to Sunovia’s EvoLucia LED lights.

Each conventional 185-watt, high pressure sodium fixture has been replaced with a Sunovia’s 55 watt LED fixture. According to Sunovia the new LED fixtures reduce energy consumption by 70 percent and increase visibility on the target roadway with the company’s proprietary Aimed Optics™ technology.

“Innovative endeavors such as the Ringling Bridge Project and the forward-thinking approaches of our citizens have helped Sarasota to continue to be seen as one of the most progressive and environmentally friendly cities in the country,” said Mayor Suzanne Atwell. “In addition, these lights have been designed and manufactured by a local company, Sunovia Energy, whose employees live and work right here in our community. We are proud to be helping to create and retain sustainable, high tech jobs in our community.”

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Sunovia points out that the LED lights are extremely durable and last for about 12 years thus virtually eliminating maintenance costs for the life of the new LED fixture. The city expects that the increased illumination on the Ringling Bridge roadway will heighten safety and security for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The Sunovia LED cobra head fixture is fully recyclable and contains no mercury.