St Martin Tower in Frankfurt benefits from extensive ZGS Lighting Services

Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) has used its COMPLETE portfolio for a range of services at St. Martin Tower office block in Frankfurt, Germany. Finished in July 2015, the St Martin Tower on the Katharinenkreisel in Germany’s financial center of Frankfurt consists of a wing-shaped tower and a U-shaped wing with a total floor space of about 25,000 square meters.

Tower tenants can have Zumtobel Group Services plan and implement their entire lighting and controls solution.
Also, the St Martin Tower management company (THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH) is collaborating with the firm to begin a new “Digital Services” pilot project in particular areas of the building.

ZGS — St. Martin Tower in Frankfurt — office area

The lighting controls system that ZGS is supplying is offering an infrastructure with which to collect and analyze interior data, producing valuable information for the optimization of critical building management processes. In addition to offering the control and analysis solution to building owners, Zumtobel Group Services can now extend a matching solution for the growing number of commercial tenants.

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In terms of lighting technology, ZGS contends that its COMPLETE range of services makes moving in easy.

ZGS Offers Full Service for Lighting and Controls

In 2015, the show floor and general rooms of the THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH building got an LED lighting installation from the Zumtobel sister brand. This solution included Cardan, Diamo, Panos inifinity, Sequence LED lights. According to ZGS, the luminaires deliver the optimum light for working and generate a pleasant atmosphere in the various spaces. Additionally, the Luxmate Litenet lighting management system from ZGS automatically controls the luminaires and blinds to help ensure energy efficiency.

Zumtobel Group Services can supply a combination of Zumtobel luminaires and the Litenet lighting management system to fit the particular space. With its COMPLETE service, ZGS says it can now transform the lighting installation into an integrated turnkey solution. If a customer would like to rent either individual rooms or entire floors from the 17,740 square meters of space available in the tower, ZGS can coordinate and implement the whole lighting project.

ZGS points out that everything is incorporated into its comprehensive service offerings including planning, installation, and then commissioning, as well as maintenance on request. According to ZGS, tenants do not have to worry about anything to do with lighting and can benefit from this full range of services.

ZGS notes that several valuable customers have already taken advantage of the COMPLETE service. For example, the business-software provider Sage, now utilizes a ZGS turnkey solution for three full floors of the St Martin Tower.

ZGS Digital Services Includes Recording, Analysis, and Evaluation of Spatial Data

“Digital Services” from ZGS have given THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH fresh insights into the structure and usage of their building. Also, the existing lighting is used as an infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT), helping gain new and valuable information. A show floor with eight rooms in the Meeting Center of the St Martin Tower is equipped with occupancy sensors that were recently deployed and connected to the cloud.

Luminaires, sensors, and the lighting management system work together to collect data about much more than just lighting. Vast quantities of information about usage data such as space management can be recorded, accumulated, analyzed, and then,  visualized on a dashboard.

Such information can help the company improve operations such as cleaning. In cooperation with the THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH, this system analyzes and evaluates the information in detail, letting the client continually monitor the condition of the rooms. Therefore, the sensor data can be used to achieve added value for the business.

ZGS -- St. Martin Tower in Frankfurt -- meeting room

ZGS — St. Martin Tower in Frankfurt — meeting room

Also, the operating company benefits from the “remote monitoring” service that ZGS provides. As long as they are operational, the luminaires transmit data about their current output and alert the facility manager to any faults for a prompt and proactive response before any luminaires fail. The remote system analysis identifies problems immediately, optimizing the operation of the overall lighting system in the tower and increasing maintenance efficiency.

Continually Optimizing Room Conditions

With the help of “Digital Services” from ZGS, THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH can accurately assess the current status of the rooms and check key performance indicators without requiring complex and time-consuming manual calculations. These new insights help to continually monitor and adjust the state of the individual spaces, which should also lead to significant potential savings.