SSL Summit Catalyzing Discussions on Future of LED Lighting

Austin, Texas — The SSL Summit executive-level conference, coming up April 3-4 in Long Beach, California,
is focusing a high-level dialog between the lighting industry and LED industry
leaders, on the future of smarter, better lighting. The ability to control both
the wavelengths and optical properties of lighting, to the degree that is enabled
by LED lighting, has never before existed. The result, say the organizers, will be unprecedented
new avenues of exploration for both the physical- and human-science of light.
According to Tom Griffiths, Publisher of Solid State
Lighting Design News and LIGHTimes Online, “What we’re witnessing is the start of complete revolution
in our environment that will be driven by smarter, better lighting. While the
first revolution made it possible to bring light into our buildings and surrounds
in a practical manner, this revolution will be about using light to optimize
our everyday environment, much as we have used wi-fi and our PDAs to redefine
how we conduct our business- and social-lives.”
In this 7th edition of the
the SSL Summit (
delegates will join lead sponsor Philips Lumileds Lighting and co-chairs IES
Vice President and founder of Lighting Design Alliance, Chip Israel and Director
of the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center, Dr. Robert Karlicek, to tackle
both the whys and the hows of the path to a future of “smarter, better
lighting”. Jump
to the related commentary on the future of lighting in this edition…