Soraa Launches Soraa Healthy LED Bulb for Better Sleep

Unlike other companies that are looking to smart lighting and data collection applications related to lighting, LED bulb company Soraa has launched a bulb focused on health. The company claims that Soraa Healthy is the only bulb that doesn’t inhibit sleep. Soraa points to sleep studies that found that exposure to blue light inhibits melatonin production which is related to better and more restful sleep.

Soraa Healthy LED bulb for better sleep

Soraa Healthy LED bulb for better sleep

According to the firm, the Soraa Healthy bulb delivers white light without the blue portion of the spectrum related to sleep disturbances. Thus, the company contends that its Healthy bulb with ZeroBlue technology can give the body the light it needs with the proper spectrum to help people settle down before sleeping.

ZeroBlue Technology Doesn’t Just Limit Blue Emission

The ZeroBlue technology goes a step beyond the blue limiting white lights that other companies have used to help people sleep better. Instead of just limited the blue light, Soraa’s ZeroBlue technology essentially eliminates it from the spectrum entirely.

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Most attempts at such technology produce more of an orange-white light that is similar in spectrum to a sunset. However, Soraa Healthy features a spectrum in which instead of normal blue spike for LED lights, it spikes at the violet portion of the spectrum. Soraa goes so far as to claim that Healthy is the only LED bulb without any blue light. For this reason, the company says that the Healthy bulb is better at supporting healthy sleep patterns.

The company points out that healthy sleep begins with a consistent day and night routine. Soraa then asserts that it is important to establish that routine by eliminating blue light in the evening to ease your body towards sleep.

Soraa Standard LED bulb spectrum compared to Healthy Bulb spectrum

Additionally, Soraa notes that not all dimming of LEDs is the same. Some lower quality LED bulbs don’t dim smoothly causing buzz or visible flicker , according to the company. In fact, Soraa says that the bulbs never cause visible flicker or buzzing even while dimming. Also, the company says that the light from the bulb looks beautiful at any level of power and output.

On the company web page describing Soraa Healthy the company concludes, “We’re so sure you will feel the difference with Soraa Healthy that we’re backing it up with 100 day risk-free trial period.”