Soraa Lamps Illuminate Cimematic Costumes at Heritage Museums & Gardens

Soraa of Fremont, California USA, announced that its LED lamps illuminate some of the most famous cinematic clothing showcased at the Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The Heritage Museums & Gardens’ CUT! Costume and the Cinema exhibit grants visitors the rare opportunity to see up close more than 40 original movie costumes, props and memorabilia. The exhibit, which runs through October 2016, includes five centuries of fashion and style as interpreted by award-winning costume designers. The costumes were worn by stars including Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Maggie Smith.

Soraa MR 16 lamps illuminate cinematic costumes at Heritage Museums & Gardens

Soraa MR16 lamps illuminate famous cinematic costumes at Heritage Museums & Gardens

TheHeritage Museums & Gardens is an organization dedicated to preserving the history, industry, art, and horticulture of America. The museum staff worked with lighting designer Nancy Goldstein from Light Positive to install about 100 Soraa MR16 lamps. Soraa contends that its GaN on GaNTM LED with Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) LED technology can render the widest range of colors in the objects that we see. Soraa says its lamps can accomplish this superior color rendering without ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation that can fade or harm the artifacts.

Soraa’s SNAP System is a magnetic attachment accessory system for LED lighting that combines Soraa’s single source GaN on GaN™ LED technology with an innovative set of filters and lenses. The SNAP System enables distinct beam spreads that give the Museum the flexibility needed to properly illuminate the exhibits. Soraa says that the Snap System’s beam spread options will allow the lighting designer to change the lighting scheme for future exhibits without changing all the lamps.

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“As a lighting designer, the most important parts of a project like this are flexibility and the conservation of the artwork. It was critical to select a lamp that emits no UV light. The flexibility of the SNAP System allowed me to modify beams so that each piece in this exhibit is illuminated perfectly and looks its very best,” said Nancy Goldstein of Light Positive. “I applaud Heritage Museums & Gardens for having the long view to invest in Soraa lamps for continued benefit year over year.”

Soraa points out that in addition to the beautiful color rendering, the lamps offer a significant efficiency benefit to Heritage Museums & Gardens. According to Soraa,  LED lamps use less than 20 percent of the electricity needed for a standard halogen lamp. the Museum continues to save additional resources that would have been spent on air conditioning because of the low heat output of the lamps.