Sonoma Academy Illuminates Soccer/Lacrosse Field with Qualite’s Luminaires

Sonoma Academy of Santa Rosa, CA selected the Q-LED system from Qualite Sports Lighting to light their Soccer/Lacrosse Field. The installation included 52 Q-LED, 1000w fixtures, from the Hillsdale, Missouri company. The fixtures delivered an average 69 foot candles to exceed national industry lighting standards. The lighting employs Qualite’s ReQuest System for easy scheduling and monitoring. According to Qualite, the scheduling and monitoring system improves the overall energy efficiency of the system. The system also reportedly tells facilities managers if a fixture is not working properly, enabling faster repair and replacement.

Mike Tonis, Qualite sales manager, Western Region, commented, “We’re excited to provide our LED lighting solution which expands facility usage for the Sonoma Academy.”  Sean Cheney of SCL North added, Qualite’s ReQuest System was the perfect fit for Sonoma Academy, providing state of the art technology for managing the entire lighting system. Sonoma Academy has forged a path for high schools to understand how the Q-LED System is the best sports lighting solution in the industry.”

Chris Ziemer, director of Athletics, Sonoma Academy stated, “We are very happy with the Qualite Q-LED installation at our soccer & lacrosse field at Sonoma Academy. The quality of the lighting is phenomenal and the software features have also been easy to use and manage. The energy savings and ability to control light pollution were major factors in our choosing the Q-LED System. With Qualite lighting, we finally have the perfect setup to host night games on our beautiful campus.”

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