Solar Power and LEDs Provide an Economical Solution

Bringing electricity from one location to another on a permanent basis is a
difficult and sometimes costly proposition. Roads and buildings can get in the
way. Additionally, zoning and safety laws have specific recommendations for
laying power lines. Barry Hunter, the assistant project manager of land development
for a community called Lakemont, outside of Reno, Nevada USA, knew all about
this. In 2005, according to Mr. Hunter and LEDtronics, he was faced with a costly
dilemma. A subcontractor had paved the two lane street to the Canyon Pines development
entrance, but because of miscommunication, the subcontractor neglected to put
down conduit. Conduit is laid down to bring electricity. Mr. Hunter realized
that electricity would be needed at the entrance to light the Canyon Pines sign.

Hunter sought bids for the repaving job and laying of conduit. He indicated
that he received a bid for over $9000 to cut the concrete from the two lane
road, to lay the conduit, and repave over it. Mr. Hunter was desperate for other
less costly options to light the Canyon Pines sign which had been in the dark
for more than four months.

After doing some research into solar power, he found Independent Power Corporation
(IPC), a local solar contractor. Hunter met with Grayson Omans of IPC in hopes
of finding an efficient and economical solution. He needed efficient lighting
and a method of providing power for the lighting. He found both by integrating
IPC solar cells with LED lighting from LEDtronics.

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