Slovenian Comercial TV Studio POP TV Chooses Philips Entertainment Lighting

Philips Lighting -- POP TV -- bright 200F Strand Frasnel in top left

Philips Lighting reported that its LED studio lighting fixtures were chosen to provide high quality, low-energy lighting solutions for Slovenia’s commercial television studio, POP TV. Hosting some of Slovenia’s most popular TV channels, POP TV’s studio complex features three large broadcast studios used primarily for entertainment programs and two for news and information programs. The TV studio tested lighting solutions from several companies.

Then, lighting director Nebojsa Gazdic chose the Strand 200F LED Fresnel fixture, from the Philips Entertainment Lighting portfolio. He based the selection on the LED luminaire’s broadcast-grade light quality, its low energy consumption, its compact size, and its silent operation. Gazdic pointed out that that they wanted to switch from tungsten lamps to light sources that more closely resemble daylight. He said, “We wanted reliable fixtures, with high-quality light output and consistent color temperature.”

Philips Lighting -- POP TV -- bright 200F Strand Frasnel in top left

Philips Lighting — POP TV — bright 200F Strand Frasnel in top left

They were able to increase the color temperature to a cooler white 5600K with the Philips Strand LED fresnels to more closely mimic daylight.

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He added, “During our test period, we found that Philips Strand fixtures offered a better solution. Their light output is considerably higher and they produce color more accurately. We were especially impressed by the passive convection cooling, which makes them near silent. We have just finished with the installation and have been very happy so far.”

Also, Gazdic noted that the Strand fixtures are primarily used for lighting the front areas, but they have the flexibility for many other applications within the studio.

In addition to light quality, operating costs were a critical consideration in the decision to use the Philips fixtures. Philips says that the Strand LED fixtures offer substantial savings in terms of power, maintenance, lamp replacement, as well as the cost of air conditioning (cooling). Gazdic said, “We also had to consider the units’ size, because of the low ceiling height in the studio. And it also means a smaller heat footprint, saving on air-conditioning costs. The benefits are clear.”

Grant Bales-Smith, general manager EMEA, Philips Entertainment Lighting says, “Our latest LED Studio lighting fixtures offer real advantages and cost savings, as well as maintaining that all important light quality demanded by the professional market.”