SloanLED Debuts PDL3 MODUS Downlight for Gas Station Canopies

Ventura California-based SloanLED announced the launch of PDL3 MODUS at PetroForum Africa 2017. The PDL3 MODUS is for canopies, parking garages, coolers, and other applications. The luminaire employs the company’s proprietary power module that gives each driver solution three different lumen settings without replacing any hardware.

SloanLED debuts PDL MODUS downlight

PDL MODUS downlight

According to SLoanLED, the option of three lumens settings give the downlight the flexibility for fast, on-site, one‑person installation without a site survey. SloanLED debuted the PDL3 MODUS to the influential decision makers at PetroForum Africa in Pretoria, South Africa, March 16‑17.

“PDL3 MODUS is one of the most innovative products in our line‑up, the versatility and adaptable lumen settings offer flexibility not yet seen in this LED lighting space,” said Ervin Cash, President & CEO of SloanLED. “The combination of fixtures and power supply modules delivers a wide operating range of light output from 23,000 lumens down to 5,000 lumens—making PDL3 MODUS the perfect solution for a variety of applications.”

Luxeon High Power

The luminaire is an IP68 rated and globally compliant lighting fixture and boasts an efficacy of up to 149 lm/W.

The company says that the additional flexibility from five, pre-assembled application‑specific power supply kits also makes the luminaire easy to purchase. Furthermore, the company claims that the downlight reduces the need for service maintenance contracts and dramatically lowers total cost of ownership.

The PDL3 MODUS comes with the firm’s limited 10-year warranty.