Silvair’s Full Bluetooth Mesh Stack Passes All Bluetooth Tests

Back in May, EnOcean and Silvair announced a partnership for developing Bluetooth-based mesh networks for According to Silvair, their Bluetooth Mesh Stack is the first to achieve Bluetooth Mesh certification for use with lighting. Silvair is a pioneer in Bluetooth-based smart lighting, and EnOcean is a leader in energy harvesting wireless technologies for building automation.

The goal of the previously announced project is to develop wireless switches and sensors employing EnOcean’s patented energy harvesting technology that allows maintenance-free operation and enables seamless installation. Since the initial collaboration announcement, Silvair reports that its Bluetooth-based mesh networking solution known as the Silvair Mesh Stack has passed all of the official Bluetooth Certification tests.

Silvair says that its Mesh Stack is the only certified Full-stack Bluetooth Mesh networking solution specifically for lighting. The Silvair Mesh Stack powers its wireless communication engine that can link self-powered lighting controls and multifunctional sensors with Bluetooth mesh networking connectivity.

At the time of the original announcement, Silvair said it will provide a wireless communication engine that allows self-powered lighting controls and sensors to be used in robust and fully scalable mesh lighting networks. Silvair indicated that this wireless communication engine will be powered the Silvair Mesh Stack.

According to Silvair, it designed this Bluetooth-based mesh networking solution to enable low-latency wireless communication even in high-density lighting networks using sensors to enhance efficiencies. Furthermore, Silvair says that the solution can be updated over-the-air to become compliant with the Bluetooth Mesh standard.

Silvair claims that the Bluetooth Mesh standard offers unmatched scalability and wire-like reliability. The company says it also guarantees cross-vendor interoperability and provides support for innovative location-based services.

Silvair said it aims to deliver the world’s first full-stack Bluetooth Mesh implementation that allows lighting manufacturers to easily incorporate a fully interoperable mesh networking technology into their products.