Signify Supplies Lighting and Light Management System for Mighty Lights Project

Mighty Lights, a privately-funded dynamic LED lighting installation added a connected LED lighting system on the Hernando de Soto Bridge that spans the Mississippi River. The latest part of the installation debuted on October 27, 2018. Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) supplied Interact Landmark, a cloud-based architectural lighting system for the project.

The Mighty Lights on the Hernando de Soto Bridge will illuminate over four miles of riverside parklands. The installation will be visible from Harbor Town and Greenbelt Park in the north to Tom Lee Park and Big River Trail through the Arkansas floodplains in the south.

Signify supplies lighting and light management system as well as social impact app for the Mighty Lights installation spanning two Memphis bridges.

Signify supplied the lighting and light management system as well as a social impact app for the Mighty Lights installation spanning two Memphis bridges.

According to Signify, the project is the first connected LED lighting installation of its kind that can remotely monitor both the Big River Crossing and Hernando de Soto Bridges from a single dashboard.
The system remotely manages the lighting on the bridges and can produce a citywide light show for onlookers.

Luxeon High Power

Almost 10,000 individually controllable Philips Color Kinetics light points illuminate the Hernando de Soto Bridge. These durable and reliable architectural lighting fixtures can endure harsh weather, excess vibration due to automobiles, and extreme heat. Furthermore, the LED technology in the Mighty Lights installation can generate over a billion deeply saturated colors in a variety of beam angles, emphasizing and making vibrant every truss and cable along both bridges.

After Sundown, a Light Show Starts Every Hour

At the beginning of every hour after sundown, the light points can also create hundreds of possible light distribution patterns and configurations to form static displays or generate animated color shows.

“The Mighty Lights is reinvigorating one of the region’s most vital centers of activity and contributing directly to the social and economic prosperity of the community. By integrating the Big River Crossing and Hernando De Soto Bridge, Mighty Lights reimagines how residents and visitors will experience the iconic Memphis riverfront while also capturing the attention and imagination of millions of people and thousands of cities around the world,” Roger Karner, U.S. president of Signify stated.

“The Mighty Lights are giving Memphians one more thing to be excited about and proud of. They have helped to increase tourism, economic development and community engagement in Downtown Memphis,” said Todd Richardson, President of Memphis Bridge Lighting, Inc., the nonprofit organizing the Mighty Lights. “The glow and hourly light shows are a unique and fun experience for Memphians and visitors that will capture imaginations and bring a broad range of people together in times of celebration and commemoration.”

Just in 2018, the Mighty Lights on Big River Crossing has been dedicated to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mid-South Pride, and the introduction of Memphis’s first United Soccer League team, the Memphis 901 FC. Since its unveiling in 2016, the connected lighting system on Big River Crossing has received international recognition.

Quantifying ROI and Impact

Uniquely, Signify is testing the Social Impact Analysis app, a software service within the Interact Landmark platform created to help the City of Memphis and Memphis Bridge Lighting Inc. collect accurate feedback and gauge the public perception and the media impact of the Mighty Lights. Along with the Big River Crossing’s eco-counter, information from the app is expected to facilitate better engagement with citizens, improve strategies to boost tourism, and enhance value for the local economy.

“Mighty Lights perfectly demonstrates how media and social media are especially important indicators for the impact lighting installations have on civic pride and the local community,” said James Anderson, Global Segment Manager at Signify. “With two landmark lighting installations now at opposite ends of the city, Memphis was an ideal location to quantifiably evaluate public opinion, sentiment about architectural lighting, and overall response to the project.”