Signify Introduces High-Power Version of GreenPower LED Toplighting

Signify of Eindhoven, the Netherlands (formerly called Philips Lighting), announced the introduction of the new Philips GreenPower LED toplighting high output. The new, high-power version of the LED GreenPower toplighting offers a light efficacy of up to 3.0 µmol/J and delivers an output of 800 µmol/s.

According to Signify, the new module will help greenhouse growers improve the growth of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other crops that need a lot of light. The company intends to make the new high-power version of the toplighting available beginning in September 2018.

Signify releases high power version of GreenPower Toplighting LED grow lights.

Signify releases high-power version of GreenPower Toplighting LED grow lights.

In addition to providing higher light levels and enhanced efficiency, the modules feature a projected lifetime of 35,000 hours. Also, the company notes that the minimal heat radiation from the lights gives growers more control over their growing climate while accelerating the growth cycle and enabling the more efficient use of the grow space.

Luxeon High Power

“For many years, the use of LED toplighting for greenhouse vegetable cultivation has been steadily growing. Now we can offer an even more efficient solution for a variety of growing needs and light-loving crops,” said Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture at Signify. “Whether growers are looking to apply more light to leafy greens, roses, or bio-based crops, or are focused on reducing their energy costs, the new GreenPower LED toplighting can meet both requirements.”

High Output Models Boast Uniform Light Distribution and Long Lifetimes

The 800 µmol/s version of the GreenPower LED toplighting module can be mounted on a trellis to provide uniform light distribution. This uniform light distribution gives growers the flexibility with installation and the ability to adhere to light plans without the use of an additional C profile.

Like the other versions of the GreenPower LED toplighting, the high output version operates at an input voltage of 277V – 400V, and it will come in three spectrums: deep red/blue with low blue; deep red/white with low blue; and deep red/white with medium blue.

Signify became the new name of Philips Lighting as of May 16, 2018.