Siemens Flow Instruments Expertise Center Gets Osram Lighting

In the Danish city of Sønderborg, Siemens Flow Instruments constructed its new expertise center. The center consists of a modern test center, production bays and a management building on about 7600 square meters. Siemens Flow Instruments produces high-tech flow measurement devices. Osram Lighting Solutions supplied the sustainable indoor and outdoor luminaires and lighting control options for the center.

Osram supplies exterior lighting for Siemens building

Osram supplies exterior lighting for Siemens Flow Instruments building

“Thanks to its extensive level of expertise in all applications and its correspondingly large and diversified portfolio of products, Osram offers ideal solutions for the complete spectrum of lighting needs in industrial companies – from a single source and also custom-designed or modified if required,” stated Alexander Romanschtschak,  business segment manager for the industrial sector. “We specified optimum luminaires and light control solutions that comply with maximum photometric standards for the new building in Sonderburg in close cooperation with the lighting designers (Sweco Dänemark), architects (Arkitema, Aarhus) and electrical contractors (Haderslev El-teknik).”

The company installed Siteco Louvre Luminaire M luminaires specifically for the standard-compliant lighting of VDU workstations. The company also deployed ceiling-recessed compact downlights with symmetric wide light distribution. According to Siemens Flow Instruments, the compact downlights offer bright, pleasant illumination in the offices and conference rooms. Stairways, corridors, and hallways also feature the compact Osram downlights.

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Osram says that the company uses the Modario trunking system to produce extremely uniform and highly reliable light output with high visual comfort in the production areas. Furthermore, Osram says that Modario trunking has a modular concept that permits flexible, individual configurations. The building’s lighting system also uses intelligent DALI-based light control with motion- and daylight detection.

Osram provides lighting for Siemens Flow Instruments production area

Osram provides lighting for Siemens Flow Instruments production area

Osram DL 20 outdoor luminaires illuminate areas near the building and in parking lots.