Sielo Explains LEDSENSE App Improvements

Solid State Lighting Design previously covered recent LEDSENSE app enhancements from Sielo (formerly Terralux). (Ref: Coverage) However, I got to speak with the company and found out more about what the improvements mean for the users. According to the company, the improvements include more clearly showing data in user interfaces, adding flexibility in how the lights are controlled, and having smart thermostats work with same occupancy and motion sensors with which the lights work.

Sielo -- LEDSENSE App before recent enhancements

Sielo — LEDSENSE App before recent enhancements

One of the primary enhancements relates to the presentation of data and information in a new energy usage dashboard and other user interfaces. The Android app now features a radio reveal function that lets you identify the closest LED lights and quickly commission them.

“Our system allows you to identify the closest light quickly and easily,” said Mathew Sallee of Sielo in a recent interview. “These functions are designed around our certified LEDSENSE partners and allowing them very fast commissioning,” Sallee explained.

Radio Reveal Function

The company says that the app’s radio reveal function is a vast improvement in simplicity and accuracy compared to other systems that either use some type of bar code or even employ the error prone commissioning method of placing radio frequency stickers on a map to show the location of the lights for commissioning.

Smart Thermostat

Another of the app improvements relates to LEDSENSE working with smart thermostats. Like previous versions of the app, the smart thermostat functions can work with occupancy sensors and key card switches such as in hotel rooms. Now, the app can also work with external temperature sensors that can sense the temperature in areas that are not at the thermostat itself.

Monitoring Energy Usage at Circuit Level

Another improvement has to do with the ability to monitor energy usage at the circuit level, meaning for example, that the electricity coming through each breaker box switch can be monitored.

Like the previous LEDSENSE app, it works with EnOcean sensors and switches. Adding a new EnOcean switch or device is as simple as updating the software. This newest generation of light controlling devices can now get the software updated in the field, and the system also allows over-the-air software updates.