SGM’s Luminaires Illuminate a Creek Next to Hotel Impozant in Slovakia

Hotel Impozant sits in Valca Valley among the beautiful scenery of the Malá Fatra mountain range in the north-west of Central Slovakia. The Malá Fatra mountain range is a national park and sports arena. The owner of the Hotel Impozant has for a long time sought illumination of a nearby creek from a light source that could be concealed beneath the bridge. His intention was to increase the attractiveness of the site.

SGM's P5 luminaires illuminate creek next to Hotel Impozant in Slovakia

SGM’s P5 luminaires illuminate creek next to Hotel Impozant in Slovakia

The hotel owner turned to Milan Ondisko, Sales Manager of City Light Slovakia s.r.o., who quickly arranged a summer evening demonstration during sunset.

“The hotel owner preferred two strong quality lights instead of several smaller fixtures. Once we turned on the light, no more words were necessary. The SGM P-5 talked for itself and proved to be the perfect tool; plenty of rich coloured light output to illuminate the creek with its banks and surrounding areas,” said Milan Ondisko. Ondisko expects that the effect from the two RGBW P-5 wash lights now installed will become even more intense during the winter due to snow.

Luxeon High Power

Both the temperature range and the IP65 rating of the luminaires were essential considerations when selecting products for the installation. For the installation, the P-5 wash lights are exposed to the elements, and they reportedly offer high-performance operation with low power consumption, according to SGM.