Seoul Semiconductor to Sell Acrich2 AC LED Modules in Kit Form

Seoul Semiconductor, announced the globally availability of an Acrich kit.
The company says that the Acrich kit is for customers trying to meet the
special design requests of global lighting manufacturers. The kits consist of
Seoul Semiconductors’ Acrich Multi-Junction Technology (MJT) LEDs along with
the Acrich Integrated Circuit (AIC) power controller device. Seoul
semiconductor released the Acrich kit because of a surge in requests from
customers who want to make their own form factors. Seoul notes that most of its
mid- to large-sized lighting customers have their own SMT lines and the ability
to source and handle discrete parts; therefore, they prefer to purchase a parts
kit rather than a module. The company asserts that the kit gives designers
maximum flexibility in designing AC LED modules for their unique fixture

Seoul Semiconductor says that the Acrich kit has a high power factor, low
EMI and low THD and can be driven directly from AC line voltages of 100 to 277
volts, and the AIC is available with a smart dimming function. The company
recently announced a 10W, 140 lm/W downlight module using the Acrich2. The
downlight replaced the AC/DC converter (or ballast or driver) with the Acrich

Marten Willemsen, Vice President of Marketing for Seoul Semiconductor, said,
“We have seen a surge of interest in Acrich recently due to its
performance improvement. The new sales strategy to offer Acrich kits is in
direct response to the requests from customers.”
He added,
“For broadening our targets and serving the broader global lighting
market, Seoul Semiconductor is now promoting our products through Acrich kit
sales at new price points.”

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