Seoul Semiconductor Releases Acrich2 Linear Module, an AC-Power LED Solution for Fluorescent Replacements

Seoul Semiconductor has released the Acrich2 family of AC-powered LED. The company claims that the Acrich2 Linear Module exhibits efficacies, light output levels, and power factors comparable to DC LED solutions while eliminating the AC to DC power supply. The solution was exhibited at the Strategies in Light conference this week in Santa Clara, California.

Seoul Semi says that compared with the existing linear modules driven by direct current, the main feature of the Acrich2 Linear Module is the removal of AC/DC converter and the consequent optimized form factor. Seoul says that this solution increases the reliability by removing many of the components which cause early lifetime failures of other fluorescent replacement solutions. According to the company, the design also provides more flexibility and space to work inside the fixture since the large ballast (power supply) does not have to be accommodated.

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