Seoul Semiconductor Introduces New Series of AC LED Modules

Seoul Semiconductor introduced an extensive series of AC LED modules that utilize the company’s patented Acrich AC LED technology. The company’s new AC LED modules come in designs with outputs ranging from 200 to 10,000 lumens with rectangular, round, and linear configurations. These AC modules combine Seoul Semiconductor’s patented Acrich AC driver technology with the company’s LEDs. According to Seoul Semiconductor, the new AC LED modules can enable compact light fixtures with excellent lighting performance.

Seoul Semiconductor introduces new AC LED modules.

Seoul Semiconductor introduced new AC LED modules.

“Lighting designers who are looking to significantly reduce the size, weight, and volume of their luminaire designs can select one of our standard round, rectangular, or linear AC module designs to develop a complete light engine ready to be incorporated into their fixtures,” said Keith Hopwood, executive vice-president at Seoul Semiconductor. “These modules are available through distribution, with availability in small quantities. Previously, modules designs were only available as custom solutions that required significant quantities.”

AC LED Modules Deliver Complete Light Source Solution

Seoul Semiconductor says its Acrich AC modules offer lighting fixture designers a fully-integrated reference design. The new AC LED light sources come in a broad range of power and light output ratings, and Seoul says they can be quickly implemented in any lighting fixture design.

Luxeon High Power

The company has made available 120V or 230V versions, many have efficacy above 100 lumens per Watt and meet Title 24 low flicker requirements. Also, many are compatible with Triac dimming. All the modules comply with EMI class B requirements and hold UL or ENEC safety approvals.

Several developments go into the company’s new AC LED modules including the company’s new NanoDriver Series of LED drivers based on Seoul’s Acrich design. The NanoDriver Series integrates the control circuitry in a miniature driver package, for smaller overall light engine design. Seoul Semiconductor claims that the NanoDriver Series devices offer the smallest 24W LED driver available.

Acrich MJT LED Technology Offers High Performance at Lower Cost

The company’s patented Multi-Junction Transistor (MJT) technology enables the fabrication of multiple LEDs on a single die. This arrangement results in higher voltage LEDs without the cost and complexity of fabricating multiple dies and the connecting wire bonds. Seoul asserts that such high-voltage LEDs cost less to produce and offer more reliable operation with simplified circuitry.

Seoul also implemented its latest WICOP package-less LED technology in the new AC LEDs for uniform illumination with high-power LED technology for drastically smaller, lighter, and more economical luminaire designs. Custom AC Module Designs

Available for Specific Customer Requirements

Seoul Semiconductor notes that it runs several regional design centers to aid customers in devising and developing custom AC modules and light engines to meet their specifications. The company says it offers design engineering expertise in LEDs, drivers, optics and thermal management, and its team helps customers build superior light fixtures that meet international regulatory safety standards and EMC safety standards.