Seoul Semiconductor Begins Mass Production of AC LED Light Source, Acriche

Seoul Semiconductor, a leading LED producer based in Korea, reported that it
has begun mass producing its new lighting source, Acriche. It can be directly
connected to 110 volt or 220 volt AC outlets using a simple circuit. According
to the company it eliminates the need for a DC converter. The company points
out that conventional LED products only work with DC power in AC outlets. The
light engine uses Seoul Semiconductor’s patented packaging process and
chip. The company says the it has more than 100 registered and applied-for patents
related to the chip in various countries.

Acriche lasts an estimated 30,000 hours before its light output decreases to
75 percent of its original light output. The company says that conventional
incandescent lamps last about 1,000 hours, halogen lamps have a lifespan of
about 3,000 hours, and fluorescent lamps last about 8,000 hours. The company
also says that it uses only about one-fourth of the electricity of incandescent
bulbs and 40 percent less than fluorescent lamps. To give you an idea of how
much energy could be saved, the company explained that if all the lighting in
Korea alone by 2010, then the country will have saved 60 billion kWh. This is
the output of a full sized nuclear power plant, and enough to save 6 million
tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Seoul Semiconductor contends that the development of Acriche will accelerate
the adoption of LED lighting for general lighting applications. The company
predicts that Acriche sales will likely reach 20 billion Korean won by 2007
(about USD $21.4 million), 100 billion in 2008 (about USD $107 million) and
300 billion in 2009 (approximately USD $ 321 million). Current models of Acriche
operate at about 40 lm/watt, however the company says that it expects to have
an 80 lm/watt model by Q4 of 2007 and a 120 lm/watt model by Q4 2008. The company
says it will first sell Acriche to its key customers, and then it will begin
selling to several general lighting companies sometime next year. Company
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