Seoul National University Library Gets OLED Lighting from LG Chem

Seoul National University’s newly inaugurated main library is the site for
the world’s largest building installation of OLED lighting. The reading lights
at KwanJeong Library employ 1,100 of LG Chem’s OLED light panels. Seoul
National University (SNU) chose OLED lighting for its library’s reading lights
because they are comfortable for the eyes and are energy efficient. LG Chem
claims that OLED lighting comes closer to natural sunlight than any other light
source, and it does not emit UV, which increases eye fatigue. Also, the company
says it does not produce blue light, which can cause eye damage. The slim and
modern design conforms to the library’s modern architecture.

An SNU library administrator said, “OLED lighting is the best lighting
option for the library’s study areas since it protects the eyes while offering
a soothing and simple design, and we selected LG Chem’s lighting products
because of the company’s technology leadership in the sector.”

Park Sung-Soo, Vice President of the OLED Light Business at LG Chem said in
March LG Chem plans to begin marketing the OLED reading lights installed at the
SNU Library. The OLED lamp, ‘Frame’ is already being sold online.

Luxeon High Power

The 60lm/W OLED panels measure 320mm x 110mm and have a lifetime of 40,000
hours. Dimming controls can adjust the brightness of the reading lamps between
300lx and 850lx. By comparison, the standard brightness for a reading light
ranges from 300lx to 600lx, according to the Korean standard illumination
index. The OLED light panel is just 0.88 mm thick, and even with its aluminum
housing the super-slim panel is still just 2.2mm.

Mr. Park said the completion of SNU Library OLED lighting project marks an
important milestone in the adoption of OLED lighting.