Robert Juliat Fixtures Installed at Infosport+ Studio

INFOSPORT+, a themed TV channel owned by the CANAL+ Group, France’s leading pay-TV Group, recently installed Robert Juliat LED lighting at its brand new broadcasting studio. The studio is used seven days a week, up to 18 hours per day for sports live news broadcasts.

French designer, Philippe Désert created the new studio because of the re-orientation of the INFOSPORT+ editorial line. The re-orientation also led to new lighting requirements. Engineering project manager, Jean-Marc Delage, decided to install 50 neutral white Robert Juliat LED profiles based on the recommendation of French lighting director, Frédéric Dorieux.

Robert Juliat Tibo-LED-profiles installed at new-INFOSPORT+ TV studio

Robert Juliat Tibo-LED-profiles installed at new-INFOSPORT+ TV studio

In 2013, Robert Juliat also supplied the same model Tibo LED profiles to Canal+ Group’s INFOSPORT+ studio. The profiles featured a white body color to blend with the studio’s white feature ceiling. The luminaire’s proven performance and homogeneity along with the Tibo aesthetics and compact design convinced the technical team. As a result, CANAL+ invested in the second shipment of Robert Juliat Tibo LED profiles.

Luxeon High Power

“We have the option to mix and match 3-year old LED profiles with newly delivered ones, with no deviation in terms of colour rendering, which has led to significant money saving,” Jean-Marc Delage stated. “In addition, the low energy consumption, the stability and reliability of the Tibo profiles have been really instrumental.”

Efforts to cut energy consumption have lead numerous TV studios to employ LED lighting.

Robert Juliat’s Tibo brand profiles boast powerful output from a 75W LED source with no loss of projection quality. They feature a die-cast aluminum body with a compact and stylish unit design. The fixture’s exclusive optical device allows two different zoom ranges – from 15° to 45° – in a single unit.

“We also chose Tibo because Robert Juliat gave us the opportunity to design bespoke profile yokes which would fit our limited hanging space,” added deputy operations manager, Nicolas Michaud. “The profiles spots had to be installed very close to the ceiling, so it was essential to save a few centimeters. Robert Juliat were able to accommodate this and perfect the final solution.”

The studio will cover the Summer Olympic Games Rio 2016 in the coming weeks.