Robe Lights First All-LED Lit TPi Awards Show

Andy Hurst designed the lighting scheme that illuminated the 2012 Total Production International (TPi) Awards. The lighting design used nearly 300 Robe lighting LED fixtures. The event was staged at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith. The major Awards was lit entirely with Robe LED lightsources.

The lighting design was the result of a collaboration between the Czech Republic based manufacturer and it’s UK operation, Mondiale Publishing, producers of the Awards. UK lighting and visuals rental company HSL handled the rigging and installation of the lighting equipment. Hurst worked with programmer Tim Fawkes who also operated lighting on the night of the ceremony using a Road hog Full Boar console.

The annual TPi Awards honors the best of creative and technical talent, achievements and expertise in professional production and entertainment. The Who’s-Who of the industry was there. The lighting rig featured Robe’s new ROBIN DLX Spot. The Robin DLX Spot is an RGBW spot lighting fixture that can produce a complete range of proper high quality variable whites. Fifty-two of Robin DLX spots were placed around the complex trussing system above the stages and audience.

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