River Front in Guangzhou, China Gets LED Lighting and Dynamic Projections from Signify (Formerly Philips Lighting)

One of the most populated and fastest growing cities in the world, Guangzhou, China is home to a population of over 14 million. The 2,000 km Pearl River flows through the city that is renowned for its colorful waterfront and high-rise buildings. Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) reported that it completed the illumination of 24 buildings in Guangzhou’s central business district along the Pearl River area in Guangzhou, China. The large-scale connected LED lighting project includes façade lighting and LED-based animations projected onto buildings.

Guangzhou, China along Pearl River

Guangzhou, China along Pearl River– Buildings illuminated with LEDs and Projected Images.

At night, the lights from the buildings are reflected onto the river and form dramatic watercolors images that captivate tourists, and citizens. In addition to emphasizing architectural features, the connected LED lighting creates dynamic light effects and images to be projected onto the buildings including blossoming flowers.

“Connected architectural lighting unifies technology and art, unlocking new possibilities for urban lighting projects and designers. By illuminating the city’s riverside buildings, a dazzling urban artform has risen to enthrall citizens and visitors alike. The beautiful lighting is also highly energy efficient and illustrates our leadership in connected lighting and lighting for the Internet of Things,” said Jacques Letzelter, global business leader public segment at Signify.

Luxeon High Power

Energy Efficient and Smart Lighting with Philips ActiveSite

A total of 24 buildings use Philips ActiveSite to monitor and control the staggering 200,000 Philips Color Kinetics light points on the buildings. The newly illuminated buildings include the Hotel Landmark Canton, Jiangwan Business Center, Tianzi Plaza, and the Guangdong Navigation Building.

Signify says that compared to conventional lighting, the new LED lighting system can save up to 75% electricity as well as reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Signify became the new company name of Philips Lighting as of May 16, 2018.