Retrolux Software LED Lighting Project and Sales Software to Include Amerlux LED Lights

Retrolux, a company that sells a software-based solution for lighting project sales, project estimates, and proposals has agreed to include Amerlux LED lighting products in their software. The company contends its lighting project software can save time and money by helping to consolidate the entire sales and installation process into a single solution.

Retrolux Software Saves Time and Money in Project Process

The company says that the software’s time-saving tools can bring order to the project delivery process including Leads, Surveys, Estimates, Proposals, Automatic Rebate Estimates and Instant Rebates, Ordering, Installation, Controls, and Commissioning. The company also says that its lighting retrofit software enables electrical contractors, energy service companies (ESCOs), and value-added resellers (VARs) to saving time and money and close deals at a faster rate. The software also features audit, proposal, and e-commerce functions.

Retrolux software being used for Walgreens store lighting retrofit project

Retrofit software being used for Walgreens store lighting retrofit project

Amerlux is a producer LED lighting technology for the retail, supermarket, hospitality, commercial and exterior lighting. According to Leif Elgethun, CEO of Retrolux, “This partnership between Retrolux and Amerlux will give our software users easy access to the latest Amerlux product specs and pricing, as well as allowing purchasing from within the Retrolux platform. We are very pleased to partner with Amerlux.”

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Toby Boyd, VP, Exterior Sales at Amerlux stated, “We are excited that this partnership will allow our best LED retrofit products to be selected and purchased from within the Retrolux platform.” Boyd added, “This partnership is part of Amerlux’s larger strategic expansion into the LED retrofit market. Our Avista, Passo, Chaperone, Acion, Varietta, Linea and Gruv LED product lines are ideal for lighting retrofitters.”