Reserved Fashion Retail Stores Entice Visitors with Zumtobel LED Lighting

LPP, a leading Polish fashion retailer, which manages five Polish fashion brands including their flagship brand Reserved, worked with Zumtobel to bring pleasant and enticing lighting to its retail stores.

Most recently, the company opened a new store in Frankfurt at the end of September. In this new retail location, LPP’s in-house architects and lighting designers used LED lighting from Zumtobel to provide Active Light, dynamic lighting moods that change during throughout the day to draw customers inside after viewing shop window displays and seeing entrance areas.

The lighting designers used the dynamic lighting Light enticingly leads people into the retail stores and the world of bright colors and silky fabrics within. An artfully designed and contemporary world of light welcomes customers to the Reserved Stores. Yet, the lighting solution and the brand’s distinctive ceiling construction do not in any way detract from the primary focus, the clothes, the collections, and the styles.

Luxeon High Power

The black ceilings have been left in an untreated condition. White ceiling panels hanging from the ceiling with a reflective surface help bathe the shops in a comfortable light. The LPP store concept also incorporates diagonally running dark light-channels that break
through the panels and give the stores their distinguishing appearance.

Reserved location in Frankfurt features Zumtobel LED lighting

Reserved location in Frankfurt features Zumtobel LED lighting

Of course, Zumtobel worked closely with LPP to develop and achieve the ideal lighting solution. Spotlights with a black housing emphasize the dark parts of the ceiling, while a network of
white recessed spots and track fittings are equally embellished.

Frankfurt location of Reserved uses LED lighting from Zumtobel  dark channels in the ceiling.

Frankfurt location of Reserved uses LED lighting from Zumtobel along dark channels in the ceiling.

A closer inspection of this installation reveals that the luminaires have been precisely adapted to suit the store concept and provide masterful lighting accents. These accents tempt you to stay and make you want to try on something.

Artificial light, natural feel

The specially selected LED solutions bring the colors to life and emphasize the naturalness of the various tones and underscore every nuance and subtle detail. The True Gamut Rendering (TGR) technology from Zumtobel adds authenticity to the clothes. This technology ensures high-color rendering and it highlights various material characteristics.

A series of downlights and spotlights from the ONICO portfolio serve as the core components of the lighting-design concept. These fittings illuminate the clothes on display both on hangers and on mannequins. And when the season or collection needs to be changed, Zumtobel insists that luminaires can be easily reconfigured.

At the same time, the flexible positioning and simple adjustment of the TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system creates vibrant lighting moods in the window-based display areas.

The Reserved Stores

The Reserved fashion and clothing retailer from Gdańsk as part of the Polish LPP Group, began its worldwide expansion in 2002 to now have more than 450 branches in Europe, Asia, and Africa. LPP designed Reserved stores in line with a clear brand image, and the stores feature a
lighting concept created by the LPP design team.

Since 2017, Zumtobel with the help of the acdc, Thorn, and Tridonic sister brands has helped realize the retail project. This lighting concept that uses clever accents was created to put the focus firmly on the products and needed to blend seamlessly into the special architectural feel of Reserved Stores.

“The collaboration between Zumtobel and planners from LPP resulted in clever lighting design and a holistic lighting concept. And then Zumtobel supplied us with exactly the right high-quality luminaires,” reported Olimpia Patej, director of the investment department at LPP. “The overall picture is perfect – and not just in the literal sense. Alongside the shop-specific illumination, we were also impressed by the comprehensive service and the professional project coordination.”

LPP says that Zumtobel looked after the project management for the lighting and managed everything from delivery to the precise adjustment of individual components directly on site. The above-average size of the stores increased the complexity of the task, with shops like the new store Frankfurt location covering around 2600 square meters.

Zumtobel LED lights also shine throughout the flagship stores in Berlin and London. Here a combination of an impressive staging of the goods and an excellent store location draws in and excites shoppers.

In addition, unique ceiling-mounted lighting fields in the London store captivate with a variety of eye-catching moods. Zumtobel has now lit up  Reserved Stores across Europe, including retail sites in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Warsaw, Budapest, and Moscow.