QuantumLED(TM) from CRS Electronics Leverages Cree LEDs

CRS Electronics Inc. a maker of LED lighting products, announced they have
selected Cree, a leading maker of LEDs, to provide the LEDs for their new
QuantumLED commercial lamp (bulb) brand. QuantumLED (a CRS brand name of LED
luminaires not to be confused with the technology of quantum dot- LEDs) lamps
will feature Cree’s latest XP-G2 LED technology.

“We do all of our product development in-house and consistently look to
Cree for the latest in LED technology,”
said Scott Riesebosch, chief
technology officer at CRS Electronics. “As a customer that uses the XP
package, we’re excited to be able to extend our product portfolio with the
newest XP-G2 LED.”

Cree’s XLamp(R) XP-G2 LED has been employed throughout the QuantumLED
directional lamp product portfolio. The initial product offering includes PAR
lamps, as well as MR16 lamps in three distinct lumen packages. In addition, a
family of R and BR reflector lamps will be offered. Directional lamps will be
available in multiple beam angles. CRS contends that QuantumLED will offer the
highest lumen output, efficacies, and color temperature ranges on the market.
Uniquely, QuantumLED will feature a 2200 Kelvin color temperature option
throughout its entire product line.

Luxeon High Power

“CRS Electronics’ QuantumLED lamps showcase the advantages of Cree’s
XP-G2 LEDs,”
said Paul Thieken, Cree Director of Marketing, LED
Components. “The XP-G2 LED allows CRS to seamlessly leverage the
higher-performance Cree LEDs without making any additional investment.”