PURillume Kickstarter Product Offers Ultimate in Lamp Flexibility

PURillume, a new lighting company has launched its first product, the Orchid LED Lighting System, now available for preorder on Kickstarter. The system, which comes in two lamp models, allows users to easily customize both the brightness and color temperature. Orchid is an integrated, omnidirectional LED light sources that PURillume designed to be flexible enough to meet individual preferences, moods, or activities.

The Orchid LED Lighting System features an adjustable sleep timer that simulates a sunset. An alarm mode can simulate sunrise. Users can set an away timer that activates at programmable presets times for enhanced security and peace of mind. A night light can light your way during nighttime trips to the bathroom. Dual USB charging ports enable users to charge their smart devices. The Bluetooth® capability enables lamp control via a complimentary mobile app. Purillume designed the Orchid LED lighting system to enable fully customizable lighting environments. In addition to being ideal for home use, the company sees tremendous potential in both hospitality and healthcare markets.

Luxeon High Power

“I didn’t set out to create a new light bulb; I set out to create a new way to experience light, and the Orchid LED Lighting System achieves that,” said Neeraj Lal, president and CEO of PURillume. “We are actively working to further enhance and expand upon our revolutionary new lighting technology, and plan to introduce a floor lamp model in the near future.”

The Orchid LED Lighting System is currently offered in two table lamp models, the Orchid Master and Orchid Satellite. Both models feature a pyramidal, natural wooden base with dual USB charging ports. They are topped by an empire-style round, linen, low-glare shade. An intuitive touchscreen allows users to easily adjust both the brightness and color of the omnidirectional light output, and customize the presets.

The Orchid Master lamps can tune a network of Orchid Satellite lamps. The touchscreen of the Orchid Master lamps can display the time and current setting, or dim to flat black for a more classic appearance. While PURillume primarily designed the Orchid Satellite lamps for synchronized operation, they users can also adjust them individually. The Satellite lamps feature rotary dials for independent color and brightness control. Each lamp contains two state-of-the-art LED light sources that work in tandem. PURillume says that at maximum intensity a single Orchid LED Lamp is brighter than three 60W incandescent bulbs, while consuming less energy than one.

Orchid LED Lamp Performance and Lifetime

Each lamp can provide output from just 10 lumens to 3,250 lumens with correlated color temperatures (CCTs) spanning 5,000K (cool daylight) to 2,200K (warm). Orchid lamps also feature patented 3Five Lighting Technology and a color rendering index (CRI) values 90+ CRI from for 5,000K to 2,700K and 80+ CRI down to 2,200K. The luminaire’s projected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

Company Website and Kickstarter Page Donations

More information about PURillume’s new Orchid LED Lighting System can be found at www.purillume.com. To preorder Orchid Master and Orchid Satellite table lamps, and to help PURillume raise the remaining funds required for UL and FCC regulatory testing and product production, visit its Kickstarter page at http://ow.ly/pnhr303CGm8.

Those who pledge $5 or more will receive a virtual shout-out and regular status updates about product availability. Donors who pledge between $45 and $449 will receive a virtual shout-out, status updates, and an attractive Orchid t-shirt. Preorders for Orchid Satellite and Orchid Master lamps begin at $450 and $525 respectively for the first 40 people who pledge, and shift to $500 and $575 respectively after that.