Project Converts Value Hotel to Luxury Crowne Plaza Hotel and Makes it Sustainable

Changing a value hotel into a high-end luxury brand property is the incredibly daunting task that Sanjay Sukhramani, Managing Director of Vega Hospitality Group took on. The goal of the multimillion-dollar project was to turn a dated hotel, constructed in 1969, into a captivating Crowne Plaza hotel, which is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group. In the process, Sukhramani also wanted to make the hotel more sustainable and energy efficient.

The three-story hotel with 123 guestrooms is conveniently located just 20 minutes from downtown Chicago between Chicago O’Hare and Chicago Midway airports. The hotel is also within walking distance of downtown Burr Ridge, which offers shopping, restaurants and other leisure activities.

Opened in May 2017, the newly renovated Crowne Plaza offers all new guest rooms. Other features include an indoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center, a 24-hour business center, and almost 8,000-square-feet of banquet/meeting facilities. A new restaurant, Poets Modern Cocktails and Eats, resides within the hotel.

Luxeon High Power
Earthtronics LED bulbs illuminate Crown Plaza Burr Ridge

EarthTronics LED bulbs illuminate guest room at Crown Plaza Burr Ridge


The project created a completely new exterior, new roof, and windows. Also, the designers completely gutted the building interior.
The design and construction team planned every detail from the windows to the walls, doors, roof, corridors, plumbing, and bathtubs, down to the smallest aspects such as light bulbs.

Using LED Lighting Was Non-negotiable

One of the primary goals of the renovation project was reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint. For this reason, Sukhramani’s choice of using LED lighting was non-negotiable. He wanted to guarantee that the design of the Crowne Plaza Southwest was focused on sustainability.

After careful study including thoroughly reviewing lumen levels and performing color rendering tests, the Crowne Plaza Chicago Southwest specified A21 and A19 LED EarthBulbs from EarthTronics of Muskegon, Michigan. The Energy Star-rated light bulbs feature multi-chipset, high-power LED. The bulbs have a high CRI of greater than 80, and they feature an advanced cooling system that reportedly extends its performance life.

EarthTronics LED Bulbs Dim Smoothly

The EarthTronics bulbs permit smooth dimming from 100 percent down to less than 5 percent. The 13-watt A19 EarthBulb LED provides 1100 lumens for replacement of a standard 75-watt incandescent bulb. Also, the even brighter 17-watt A21 LED produces 1600 lumens to replace 100-watt incandescent bulbs. Both EarthTronics bulbs grant full radial illumination.

Crown Plaza lounge area with Earthtronics LED bulb illumination

Crowne Plaza lounge area with EarthTronics LED bulb illumination

Crowne Plaza guests get additional control over lighting of their hotel rooms with the 3-Way A21 EarthBulb LED that provides 450, 800, 1600 lumens respectively to replace incandescent bulbs with 40, 60 and 100-watt light levels respectively.

With bulbs on a ceiling fixture and in the table and floor lamps, the flip of a switch allows guests to select from the three levels of light output (low, medium, and high) for various applications and moods.

“Lighting affects every room in the hotel,” said Sukhramani. “It was not something that we took for granted. The lighting has to reflect the beauty and craftsmanship of our hotel without wasting energy. We are excited about the beautiful amenities of our property. However, if our guests don’t notice the special details of our facility under the lights, then we might not be making our best impression.”

“We also realize that the lighting will affect the mood of our guests and employees, as well as help them complete their tasks in our rooms. We will not let them down,” Sukhramani added.

Designers Made Crowne Plaza Like Home

“The bedroom and bathroom in our guest rooms have a much more residential feel. The LED lamps respond just like the incandescent bulb they replace,” Sukhramani said. “The LEDs provide 2700K of soft white color to provide a warmer, comforting lighting to make our guests feel right at home and relaxed during their stay. Our guests will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere we created with the LED technology.”

Earthtronics LED bulbs illuminate guest bathroom at Crown Plaza Burr Ridge

EarthTronics LED bulbs illuminate guest bathroom at Crowne Plaza Burr Ridge

Each of the A-type LED bulbs have a 25,000 hour projected life and EarthTronics backs the bulbs with a 10-year warranty to lessen unforeseen maintenance costs. According to EarthTronics, the A-type EarthBulbs reduce electricity consumption by more than 80 percent for a fast return on investment.

“We like the fact that the LEDs will have a quick ROI related to energy savings. It fits nicely into our sustainability program,” Sukhramani said. “Just as important, EarthBulb LEDs expected performance will allow us to concentrate on our guests rather than worrying about interrupting their visit with the untimely changing of bulbs that could ruin a comfortable stay.”