Power Integrations and Casambi Technologies Produce Reference Design for Smart Lighting

Power Integrations, a maker of LED-driver ICs based in San Jose, California, and Finnish firm Casambi Technologies OY announced a new reference design, DER-612 for smart lighting applications
The design describes a constant-current (CC), constant-voltage (CV), 12-watt isolated flyback power supply featuring power factor correction. The design uses a 3.3 V power supply to drive a Casambi CBM-001 Bluetooth® wireless module.

The wireless module provides dimming and color management control of the four-string LED load ranging from 0 mA to 400 mA. The power supply runs over a universal input voltage range of 90 VAC to 265 VAC and reaches greater than 0.8 power factor across all line conditions.

The design employs Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch™-CH power supply controller, which couples primary, secondary and feedback circuits in a surface-mounted offline flyback switcher IC. The IC includes the primary FET, the primary-side controller, and a secondary-side synchronous rectification controller. The device also includes Power Integrations’ magneto-coupling communications technology, FluxLink™.

Power Integration claims that FluxLink eliminates the need for an optocoupler and safely bridges the isolation barrier. Power Integration also says that secondary-side control enables an ultra-fast step load response and highly accurate constant-voltage regulation.

Power Integrations IC Makes Additional Heatsinks Unnecessary

At the same time, Power Integration says that simple PWM control eliminates the need for a secondary DC/DC regulator.
Also, the company says that the high efficiency and very low standby power of the IC makes additional heatsinks unnecessary and allows customers to produce solutions that meet DOE-6 regulations. In addition, a built-in, secondary-side auxiliary power output supports RF and MCU control circuitry.

CBM-001 is a Class 2 embedded Bluetooth 4.0 module created for LED bulbs, light fixtures, LED strings for RGBW lighting,
and lighting control applications. The module comes pre-programmed with Casambi’s proprietary firmware, making it entirely compatible with other Casambi-enabled devices. Casambi smartphone and tablet applications using the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol control the CBM-001 wirelessly. According to Power Integration, devices with the module automatically form a self-healing and self-organizing wireless mesh network that allows a large number of fixtures to be controlled from any point. No external gateway is required.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, director of product marketing for LED lighting at Power Integrations commented, “Smart lighting systems monitor and control sophisticated home and workplace lighting installations. The standby power needed for the control subsystem often negates any savings that high-efficiency LEDs offer. Casambi’s low quiescent current draw combined with the very low standby consumption of InnoSwich-CH optimizes standby performance while maintaining instant light availability.”

Timo Pakkala, CEO and co-founder at Casambi, added, “The Power Integrations InnoSwitch-CH power supply controller has excellent efficiency, particularly at light load. This allows our module to operate continuously and effectively, resulting in a great user experience with high performance and scalability.”

The reference design can be downloaded at http://www.power.com/der-612.