PMBS and Chroma-Q Develop Brute Force, an LED-Based Alternative to the Wendy-light

MBSi, the Pinewood MBS Lighting (PMBS) innovations think-tank collaborated with Chroma-Q® in the development of the Brute Force™, a new LED alternative to a quarter Wendy-light. PMBS rigorously tested this new fixture in a variety of ‘real world’ scenarios to ensure optimal functionality across a broad range of applications.

The Wendy-light was created by British cinematographer David Watkin (known for filming Out of Africa) for lighting shooting outdoor movie scenes at night. He made an array of 14 by 14 Fay Lights. This light array was later referred to as the Wendy-light. The Wendy-light has become the standard for outdoor movie making at night.

Teams at both companies worked closely to develop a full color LED-based RGB-W lamphead that would serve as an alternative to a one-quarter Wendy-light. The lamphead they devised draws 15 amps @ 240V. The fully dimmable Brute Force comes in an extended CCT range between 2,000K and 10,000K. Each unit provides 96-way mappable pixel control using RDM, DMX, and optional wireless operation. On-board multipoint fixings let the units be combined to form a full Wendy.

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Chroma-Q and PBMS collaborate to develop Brute Force

Chroma-Q and PBMS collaborated to develop Brute Force

Chroma-Q to Take Brute Force Industry Wide

Although created in partnership with MBSi, unlike other proprietary products, Chroma-Q intends to make the Brute Force available industry-wide. PMBS have invested their technical expertise. However, PMBS and Chroma-Q want to see how this new lamp is being adopted throughout the industry.

Chroma-Q’s global brand manager, Paul Pelletier commented, “In creating the Brute Force our teams have introduced an incredible new alternative to the traditional Wendy. Having MBSi involved in the project has allowed us to design and build a fixture that has been properly tested and proven to perform prior to launch. I am confident that it will be instantly accepted throughout our industry as a versatile, effective light source.”

PMBS says that the introduction of the Brute Force is just one such example of its ongoing commitment to making energy efficient lighting alternatives more widely available.

Talking about MBSi, PMBS Technical Director Steve Howard said, “MBSi provides us with a central point from where to share creativity, to innovate and introduce new thinking that can enhance the way we support our clients. Through our collaboration with Chroma-Q, we are proud to have taken this ethos a step further and are committed to sharing our knowledge in a way that can benefit the industry as a whole.

In a creative industry, we have to offer more than just power saving in the products we are looking to replace. We are delighted with the ability of the Brute Force to combine its comparable output and spread to a quarter Wendy with the benefits of intelligent, controllable, full-color LED illumination.”

Chroma-Q plans to debut Brute Force in North American at Cine Gear Expo. See Chroma-Q in the A.C. Lighting Inc. both S108, for your demonstration.