Philips Lighting and MediaMarkt to Introduce Store Guide App at MediaMarkt Flagship Store

Philips Lighting announced that MediaMarkt’s flagship store in the center of Eindhoven the Netherlands will introduce “Store Guide” app.  The Store Guide app allows customers in the store to use their smartphones to locate products and be guided to products quickly.

E-business solution provider novomind developed the MediaMarkt Store Guide app. While US-based company Aisle411, a long-term partner of Philips Lighting, created the digital map and routing for the app. Also, Pricer, an Electronic Shelf Labels firm from Sweden, supplied a system that helps determine product locations. The app runs on iOS and Android systems.

App Uses Visual Light Communication from Luminaires

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The app uses LED lighting that acts as an indoor positioning system. Each light serves as a location beacon, providing a signal that uniquely identifies the fixture and its location within the store. The signal uses visual light modulation that is imperceptible to the human eye, but not to the camera of a smartphone or other mobile device. The app uses its camera to interpret these signals from multiple lights to determine the phone’s location within the store.

The Store Guide app uses Philips Lighting’s highly accurate Philips Indoor positioning system in addition to indoor mapping from Aisle411, a Philips Lighting partner.

WiFi Connects Customers with Product Location Information

A WiFi connection relays information about products to the app. The app also allows users to put in a list of items that they need, and it will guide the users to each item on the list. In this way, the location information works with the retailer’s app to guide customers to products or provide special offers. Philips points out that privacy is guaranteed because the app does not collect any personal data.

The Store Guide app supports MediaMarkt’s new retail formula meant to enhance the shopping experience both offline and online through complete re-design of the store.

“MediaMarkt is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to customer service and technology,” said Gordon Scholz, CEO of MediaMarkt Nederland. “The Store Guide app fits the bill perfectly. Through indoor positioning from Philips Lighting, we facilitate an inspiring, fun and convenient shopping experience for our customers.”

“Research from Philips Lighting with Kantar/TNS reveals that ‘locating products in a store,’ is one of the primary reasons for customers wanting to use a store app,” explained Gerben van der Lugt, Head of Indoor Positioning at Philips Lighting. “We lead the industry with our energy efficient and indoor positioning-ready LED luminaire portfolio. Together with innovative partners we were able to realize the “Store Guide” app for MediaMarkt, taking shopper experience to the next level.”

MediaMarkt Flagship Store in Eindhoven to Reopen Wednesday

Philips notes that the MediaMarkt Store Guide app is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app can be used in MediaMarkt Eindhoven Centrum and Arnhem.The redesigned MediaMarkt store in Eindhoven will open to the public on 26 April 2017.