Philips Lighting Lit Up Minneapolis I-35 W Bridge for Superbowl

The Superbowl was on Sunday, and Philips Lighting helps the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota celebrate the sporting event with an immersive LED light show on I-35W Bridge. Philips Lighting worked with Minnesota Department of Transportation to upgrade the lighting of the iconic I-35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis with connected LED lighting system.

The connected LED lighting enables dramatic light shows and energetic effects. According to Philips Lighting, the architectural LED lighting installation was created to help spur economic development, community engagement, and neighborhood revitalization in the area of Minnesota’s two largest cities Minneapolis and Saint Paul (Twin City metro region).

Philips Lighting LED System illuminates I-35W bridge into Minneapolis

Philips Lighting LED System illuminates I-35W bridge into Minneapolis

The recently completed upgrade to a connected LED lighting system allows the 1,907-foot (600 meter) I-35W Bridge to put on extraordinary light shows tailored to themes of specific holidays, important civic causes, and special events. The iconic bridge links commuters and truck freight across the Mississippi River and into Minneapolis.

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The architectural connected lighting installation includes more than 650 Philips Color Kinetics outdoor lighting fixtures, such as the Philips ColorGraze MX4 Powercore, Philips ColorBlast Powercore gen4, and Philips ColorReach Powercore gen2. Philips Lighting specially designed these LED lights to withstand the extreme vibration, temperature and corrosive environment of the bridge.

Philips Lighting lit up Minneapolis I-35W Bridge

Philips Lighting says that the connected luminaires can deliver millions of very saturated colors or finely tuned pastels in a variety of beam angles to emphasize the design of the bridge. Also, these capabilities reportedly let the LED lights produce hundreds of possible configurations and light distribution patterns, ranging from static displays to dynamic color light shows.

Philips Lighting supplied the connected LED lighting system that utilizes the Philips ActiveSite cloud-based lighting management system for remote monitoring, control, and maintenance. ActiveSite allows the lights to be programmed remotely, and Philips Lighting says it supports operational efficiency.

Also, the system features reporting tools such as historical analysis that provide insight into system operations. Authorized system managers from the MN DOT can use this data and information to evaluate and optimize performance. Specially designed and programmed light shows helped celebrate key moments around the big game.

‘Bold North’ Lights – a light show that mimics the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis celebrates Minnesota as the host state of the big game, and acknowledges that Minnesota is one of the few areas of the contiguous United States where visitors can see the Northern Lights.

Animated blue and red, as well as green and silver LED lights represented the two competing teams. The colors began at opposite ends of the bridge and gradually moved towards the center to represent the match-up. A striking display of red, white and blue LED lights also honor the traditions of the championship game such as the anthems ‘America the Beautiful’ and the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

A bright red LED light display notified those looking at the bridge that by crossing the 20-yard line of the opposing team, one of the teams entered the ‘red zone’ and was on the verge of scoring. Then, when a team scored, the lights changed to that team’s colors.

“The revitalization of the I-35W Bridge lighting system is a great story for the State of Minnesota,” commented John Pedersen, Lighting Operations Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. “The light shows created by the new LED lighting system confirm the bridge as an icon in the city skyline and a source of pride for the entire region.”