Philips Lighting Launches MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 that Works with all Ballast Types and can be Powered by Mains

Philips Lighting MASTER LED Universal T8

Philips Lighting has introduced a T8 LED tube lamp that they say works with all ballast types and configurations and can be driven by mains power. The Netherlands-based company tailored the MASTER LEDtube for retail spaces, warehouses, offices, and educational environments. The Philips MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 boasts a 50,000 hour lifespan. Stock only one set of LED tubes to replace fluorescent tubes across a variety of ballast configurations

The company pointed to its recent research* in which they surveyed 500 lighting professionals from ten national markets. The research found that over half of lighting professionals are already choosing to replace old fluorescent tubes with LED choices due to the reduced costs for energy and maintenance. However, they found that 44 percent sometimes found it difficult to propose the right lighting for clients. This is where the flexibility of the MASTER LEDtube comes in.

According to Philips the Universal T8 tube fits directly in luminaires operating on HF electronic ballasts or electromagnetic ballasts. The tube also enables mains power connection. Philips Lighting says that this flexibility makes even complex retrofits simple and eliminates the cost and hassle of stocking different types of tubes. Philips Lighting asserts that the MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 helps lighting professionals allocate their time, expertise and resources to finding the best lighting for each specific environment and application.

Luxeon High Power

As with all Philips’ high quality LED Tubes, the Philips MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 also provides significant energy-saving benefits. The company says that the lamp consumes less than half the electricity of the traditional TL-D fluorescents it replaces. Less electricity consumption translates to less heat generation and produces significant cost savings, and its extended lifetime of 50,000 hours lowers maintenance requirements and decreases relamping costs.

Energy and Cost Savings Benefits Extend to All Versions

Philips Lighting says that these energy and cost saving benefits extend to all available versions of the tube including the 1200 and 1500 millimeter versions. The Philips MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 comes in three different color temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 6500K). The company contends that the Universal T8 is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade existing luminaires to LED technology with an entirely safe installation process.

“As with all our products, the Philips MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 gives lighting professionals the guarantee of safe, hassle-free installation, with the high-performance LED technology they’re used to from Philips Lighting,” said Leonie Jansen, Head of Global Product Management for TLEDs, ‎Philips Lighting. “Philips MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 will make a marked difference to the installation industry, providing a one-stop solution to many retrofit projects. It will reduce operational costs for lighting professionals, simplifying their portfolio and thereby allowing them to channel their expertise on the application of lighting.”

The Philips MASTER LEDtube Universal T8 is currently available to lighting professionals across Europe.

* Research: 500 lighting professionals were surveyed from ten markets: the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Poland, Norway, China, and Indonesia. The data was collected through an online survey given to a representative sample of about 50 lighting professionals in each national market. Ketchum Global Research & Analytics designed and reported on the survey findings. Vitreous World handled the fieldwork. The research was conducted from 10th-21st July 2017.